Laperle: I Can’t Believe “He” Came Back!


This evening I turned on my webcam and went live just like it was any other day on WhoaGirls. Everything was going at its normal pace; new people were popping into my chat room and I had a few regulars in there I was talking to.

Then about an hour into my stream… He came into my chat.

I’m not going to say exactly who it was, but “He” was someone who had taken me into private about 2 months ago. We talked for hours and it seemed like love at first sight. He spoiled me the entire time, giving me tip after tip during the cam session.

He Disappeared

After that night he disappeared and never came into the chat room again. I don’t know what happened. I thought that maybe he didn’t have a good time with me? He also could’ve just been busy with work. I don’t know what he does for a living, but I assumed it has to be something important since he spoiled me so much.

That’s when it happened

Anyways, after he popped into my room this evening I immediately recognized who it was. I said “Hi” to him and he said “Hello” back. We talked for a bit, and after some small talk, he promised we’d have another session soon where we could talk in private.

Needless to say, I’m super excited and looking forward to it!


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Stella Liberty: Sex Chat Fantasy

Stella Liberty

Recently, during my sex chats on WhoaGirls, my partners and I have been roleplaying fantasies with each other. This gave me the idea to write a descriptive fantasy in an official blog post.

Clear Your Mind and Relax

When reading try to place yourself in the situation. The goal is to clear your mind and imagine you’re with me.

Place your hands on my hips. Seriously, do it. You have my permission.

Alright, now slide your hands a little lower… Good. Pull me close, hold tight and make me feel safe in your arms.

Whisper in my ear and say what you want to do with me. Don’t be afraid – admit your every sexual fantasy.

Finally, guide me to the sofa so we can relax. I’ll rub your back and make you feel good. I want you to melt in my arms.

Aroused yet?

Let’s continue this live in my chat room. I’ll be on tonight at around 8pm so we can have some fun in private.

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Skylar & Harley: Getting Back on Cam

skylar and harley

It’s been a while since Harley and I have gotten on WhoaGirls. Almost two months, in fact!

Recently, we’ve been talking about doing another live sex show on here. Since we go to town on each other at least once a week, we’re thinking, “Why not just do it on WhoaGirls where everyone can join in on the fun?”

We both agreed that it definitely increases the kinkiness of the whole act. Also, maybe some nice viewers could tip us if they like what they’re watching on cam! It’s basically a win-win.

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty little secret that I want to come clean about in this blog post. Whenever I’m feeling naughty, but don’t want to commit to anything major (like an entire hour of sex), I go look at our past broadcasts to see myself getting pounded on cam. Let me tell you, that always gets me aroused no matter what kind of mood I’m in!

If you want, you can go watch my past shows too because they’re on our public WhoaGirls profile.

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