Tempocams Debuts Girls Roulette Streaming Platform

tempocams debuts girls roulette streaming platform

Tempocams has officially launched their anticipated girls roulette video streaming platform. This new roulette chat section lets users randomly cycle through live sex shows to find, chat, and flirt with girls on cam.

“Users are now essentially able to peek in and chat privately with girls performing sex shows,” said a Tempocams developer. “Our goal with this project was to bring a more modern feeling when sex chatting online.”

Users can easily skip to a different video broadcast by pressing the ‘Next’ button embedded on the stream. Optionally, visitors may also choose to enable their own webcams and talk in the 1-on-1 chat room provided.

“The new girls roulette section is powered by the popular sex chat site WhoaGirls.com,” added the developer. “As a part of launching, visitors who sign up will be granted 120 free credits via their WhoaGirls account.”

To claim your free credits and start connecting to live sex shows, visit the official girls roulette.

Broadcasters interested can direct message @Tempocams on Twitter to get involved.

BubbleClips Announces Addition of Timestamps on Sex Videos

bubbleclips implements timestamps adult videos

BubbleClips has officially announced the addition of timestamps on all their sex videos.

“Our metrics have shown that users essentially jump-around, repeat and skip segments of sex clips,” said a BubbleClips developer “Gone are the days of aimlessly searching and buffering to find what you want to see. Timestamps will make watching videos a lot more fluid and improve the user experience overall.”

Located in the description of each video are sex positions in the clip accompanied with timestamp indicators. This new feature gives guests the ability to skip around to specific portions of the scene with a simple click.

“Maximizing user satisfaction is one of our top priorities. It’s up there with adding new content to our platform.” said the developer “Every feature we implement is to provide a better viewing experience.”

To try out this new feature, visit their official website and browse all videos. For more information, follow @BubbleClips on Twitter.

Flirtlu.com Launches Age Sorting and Category Features

flirtlu launches age category sorting features

Flirtlu this week launched age sorting and categorization features on their live cam sections. When browsing online rooms, users now have more powerful tools to narrow down their overview of cams.

Sorting features include breaking down broadcasters by age ranges and categories, such as body type and hair color. Additionally, these features can be combined to provide a more precise overview and assist visitors in finding exactly what they want to watch.

“Many similar cam sites have a list of broadcasters, which are typically sorted by viewer number,” said a Flirtlu developer. “We want to provide users with more intuitive sets of sorting features. These additions will help improve the dynamic of browsing our webcam content.”

When a filter is selected, your overview of live cams will be immediately modified to show relevant results. Incorporating these new features into Flirtlu’s webcam network will give broadcasters more opportunities to be found and aid in building their audiences.

“We’re excited to release some of our most requested features,” added the developer. “Listening to user feedback is the direction we want to take our cams network in the future.”

For more details about Flirtlu’s new features visit their Girls Section or Guys Section and follow them on Twitter.

Introducing an Easier Way to Sign Up

introducing easy sign up

Many chat sites have long, annoying processes to sign up on their platforms. This is why we’ve introduced a more simple, easy way to sign up to WhoaGirls that takes seconds – not minutes. At the top of every sex chat room is a button that can be clicked to easily sign up for an account. Furthermore, upon creating an account we give you 120 credits to spend on WhoaGirls for free!

While you can join any sex chat room and immediately start chatting as a guest, making an account lets you pick out a unique username and gives you access to tons of features.

Here are a few features that you gain access to upon signing up:

  • Unlimited free chatting
  • Sending private messages
  • Ability to initiate private sex shows
  • Access to dozens of custom WhoaGirls emojis
  • Follow streamers and favoriting chat rooms

Plus many more fun features that are there to amplify your chat experience!

Get Your Free Account Now!

Many of the live girls on cam don’t want to bother talking to guests. You’ll probably be able to start a few short conversations in some chat rooms, but for the long term it’s way better to get a username for yourself. Our cams site is about interaction, and the first step to building online relationships on WhoaGirls is to grab an identity!


It’s totally free to register and you’re not required to enter any credit card information. However, to claim your 120 free credits you’ll have to verify a payment method. This is done to prevent fraud and will not charge you anything.

Sign up today and discover all the features you’re missing out on!

Launching Our Partnership with Fleshlight

whoagirls fleshlight partnership

It definitely seems like straight guys draw the short straw when it comes to sex toys. There are so many elaborate toys for women and even gay guys, but there’s a serious lack of quality products for straight men.

Great sex products for men do exist though, which is why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Fleshlight.

We are introducing a variety of custom sex toy products and accessories now available through WhoaGirls!

Learn About Fleshlight

fleshlight sex toy

Fleshlight is a unique, discreet and intuitive sex toy that has been around for years and has found a home in tons of straight guys houses. The concept of the product is that it simulates the feeling of sex in either the form of oral, anal or traditional sexual intercourse.

There are many different versions of Fleshlight’s that each have different purposes, and the one you choose depends on what your goals are with the product.

Here are a few different types of their sex toys:

  • The Fleshlight Go
    This product is built to be smaller and more discreet for traveling.
  • The Fleshlight Ice
    Built transparently so you can see every bit of detail that’s happening.
  • The Fleshlight Vibro
    This sex toy has a built in vibrator to stimulate men in new, amazing ways.
  • The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
    A sex toy that is built to increase your endurance and stamina in bed.

The customization doesn’t stop with different versions of Fleshlight’s.
You can also purchase different styles of sex sleeves depending on the type of sex you want to simulate.

Here are a few examples of the types of sleeves you can get:

original pink sleeves

The Pink Lady, Mouth and Butt Sleeves in the picture above each simulate amazing traditional sex, oral or anal sex.

Fleshlight Girls

The last topic we want to go over is the Fleshlight Girls.

fleshlight girls

You can purchase custom-shaped & molded products of famous adult stars that have partnered up with Fleshlight. This also includes custom molds of some of the most popular models who stream on our live sex cam platform. Check them out below!

Get your personalized adult toy now, and when you do, try it out while sex chatting with the model live on WhoaGirls!