3 Surprising Ways Sex Cams Can Improve Stamina

3 Surprising Ways Sex Cams Can Improve Stamina

Stamina is an important aspect of intercourse that many guys have issues with. Even if your sexual performance is already decent, there’s a lot of guys who still wish they had it better. If this sounds like you, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that sex cams can play a role in improving this.

Today we’re going over 3 surprising ways that adult cams can actually increase your overall sexual stamina. Not to mention, flirting with webcam models can be an amazingly pleasurable experience as well!

1. Sex Toys & Cam Shows

Sex Toys & Cam Shows

It’s known that adult toys are a staple for longer-lasting action in the bedroom. Did you know that they can also drastically increase the satisfaction gained from cam shows? That’s right! We’ve even gone over 5 Awesome Sex Toys to Use During Cam Shows.

But you may be wondering, “How does this tie into helping my endurance?”

Well, there’s almost no better way to improve stamina than to directly spend time in the act. Furthermore, sex can be closely simulated online with webcam models since they’re there to make you feel ‘amazing’!

2. Foreplay During Cybersex

Foreplay During Cybersex

We all know the goal of foreplay is to draw out intimacy for enhanced pleasure. However, it can also be used to indirectly boost stamina. This ties into sex cams because the whole experience has a variety of erotic dirty talk and anticipation. Essentially, the best cybersex all boils down to being foreplay.

Coming up with flirty lines that can get you and your partner into a horny mood is a lot of fun. Here are 5 Examples of Dirty Talk Lines that you can use. Taking the time to control the pacing of foreplay before even getting to any physical activity can help your sexual performance tremendously!

3. Gain Sexual Experience

Gain Sexual Experience

Being intimate with women through sexual practice is undisputedly the best way to improve stamina. However, this can’t easily be replicated on a frequent basis – especially if you can’t last more than 30 seconds in the act! Unfortunately, it can also drastically affect your confidence and spiral a man into a worse state than where he started.

Sex cams might be the best way to solve this issue and increase your confidence during the process. Having a one-on-one experience with a babe that is there to fulfill your every desire will do a few things:

  1. Increase your tolerance towards sex.
  2. Help your confidence immensely.
  3. Give you an orgasm that feels amazing.

Since most dudes can’t just have sex with any girl at a whim, it somewhat limits your ability to gain that vital experience. Probably the biggest edge that adult cams provide is the fact that they’re readily available whenever you are!

So go choose a webcam model to sex chat with! After a few live cam shows you’ll be that much closer to becoming a legend in the sack.

5 Awesome Sex Toys That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Awesome Sex Toys That Will Blow Your Mind

As sex toys are becoming more advanced, the stigma of owning them is beginning to disappear for both men and women. You could even say, “The more pleasure a toy provides, the more it’s accepted by society!” But in reality, this is likely due to a combination of marketing, innovations in discreetness and ease of access to adult toys with e-commerce being so popular.

Not to mention, with these toys being so awesome nowadays, you honestly can’t even blame people for wanting to get their hands on some. Seriously, there are vibrators connected with Bluetooth, toys for straight men that almost perfectly simulate intercourse, and even virtual reality sex that provides both physical and mental immersion!

In this blog post, we’re going over 5 sex toys that will metaphorically blow your mind from being so awesome. Every adult product listed comes with an affordable price tag and has the goal of improving your sex life. Whether you’re a straight guy looking for a high-pleasure toy to masturbate with, or a couple seeking a sensual toy to share with a partner, there’s at least one here that you’ll probably love.

1. Fleshlight

fleshlight sex toy

Fleshlight is one of the best sex toys for men that’s taken the adult industry by storm. This product was one of the first male masturbators that came up with the concept of an easily storable, discreet, handheld device that provides unlimited uses for ultimate pleasure. In fact, Fleshlight has even begun to break the stigma of sex toys for men because of its immense popularity!

Since this is such an innovative product, we’ve partnered with them and talked about Fleshlights in depth here!


  • Comes in many different shapes and sizes
  • Women can easily use it on men for a great time
  • Specific models are available that simulate popular adult stars


  • Doesn’t stay warm for too long after heating it up
  • Not as good as real sex, but pretty close

Learn more about Fleshlight here


blewit sex toy

Blewit! is a pleasure training sex toy for men that originally began as a successful crowdfunder on Indiegogo. Their motto is that male masturbation shouldn’t be rushed. Instead, every moment should be savored as if you were having real sex. That’s why this adult product was built to realistically simulate sexual intercourse while training your body to take its time during the process.


  • Very discreet & can be left out in plain sight
  • Inexpensive compared to other similar sex toys
  • Good product to train your sexual stamina


  • Requires an ‘imagination’ since it doesn’t resemble anything sexual
  • Not the best if you’re trying to climax in a hurry

Learn more about Blewit! here

3. OhMiBod

ohmibod sex toy

OhMiBod is a brand of adult toys for women that has brought the sex cams industry to new heights. This is due to the interactive Bluetooth technology that is built into the products, which lets users control the vibrations of the toy remotely. While this may sound like any old vibrator on the market, it actually has some very unique (and pleasant) advantages!

Many sex cam sites, including our own, have created tags and categories for interactive OhMiBod cams so that users can easily link up their devices. How it works is whenever a cam model gets tipped, the sex toy vibrates. With enough tips and some intense vibrations, you could essentially give a cam model a straight-up orgasm!


  • Completely handsfree sex toy
  • Great for making cam shows even more intimate
  • Both couples and singles can use this product for sexy time


  • Not a toy for physically stimulating straight males
  • Sex cams usually require tipping to activate vibrations

Learn more about OhMiBod here


kiiro sex toys

KIIRO is an interactive sex toy for two that’s awesome if you’re looking to have some sensual fun remotely. The concept is simple, males use the ‘Onyx’ masturbator and the female simultaneously uses the ‘Pearl’ vibrator. While the men’s toy is in use it sends movement and vibration signals to the other (and vice versa) that accurately simulates having sex!

This product is too good to pass up, which is why we have a category for interactive Kiiro cams on WhoaGirls. Find a broadcaster tagged with Kiiro and link up your devices to get intimate with each other!


  • Perfect for long distance couples
  • Extremely intimate compared to other toys
  • Makes sex shows with cam models a much better experience


  • It’s pretty expensive, but the male and female toys can be purchased separately
  • Not many broadcasters on cam sites have one yet, but there is still a handful that do

Learn more about KIIRO here

5. TENGA 3D Series

tenga 3d series sex toys

Tenga’s 3D Series is a sex sleeve product line for men’s solo-masturbation. They are built to stimulate pleasure in slightly different ways depending on which design is used. If you want an adult product that provides maximum pleasure with an inexpensive price tag, then any of Tenga’s 3D Series will be an awesome choice for you.


  • Made to be fully reusable with easy cleaning
  • Grasps the male anatomy in a way that’s realistic to intercourse
  • Several different designs that provide an array of sexual stimulation


  • Not a good sex toy to use with a partner
  • Storage isn’t very discreet with its transparent case

Learn more about Tenga’s 3D Series here

Have you used any of the sex toys we’ve mentioned on this list? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

3 Great Sites to Watch HD Sex Videos

3 Great Sites to Watch HD Sex Videos

There’s a ton of different places to watch sex videos on the web. In fact, there’s so many that you’re able to actually split them up into subcategories. For example, there’s free tube sites, premium video platforms, adult video blogs and more!

Here’s a short description of these subcategories:

  • Tube sites generally have thousands of short sex clips, but they’re usually pretty poor in quality.
  • Premium sex video sites have full-length sex movies that are super high quality, but require a subscription fee to access.
  • Adult video blogs are somewhere in-between with premium videos split into shorter clips and shared on their blogs for free.

Each of these subcategories have their appeals, but it’s up to you which you like best.

Now obviously, watching videos in high definition is usually a more sought after experience. It’s just better to watch something in high quality, no matter what it is!

So we’ve put together a list of 3 great sites where you can watch HD sex videos, but we’re not going to just share with you the most popular free tube sites or premium platforms. Instead, we’re going to tell you about some obscure sources to find them, like adult blogs and our own archives of sex clips!



BubbleClips is an adult blog that uploads HD sex videos for free on a daily basis. The concept of their platform is that they edit the full movies from premium adult video sites, include the juiciest parts, and upload their own version that is about 8 minutes in length. Essentially, you’re getting premium content, completely free.

They also take it a step further by writing in-depth blog posts that describe the scenes in each video accompanied with timestamps of different sex positions that are featured in the clips.

There’s 3 active adult categories that they upload videos to:

  • Amateur porn – Realistic videos filmed by couples from their own point-of-view.
  • Naked girls – Sex scenes with solo girls or scenes with a more passionate setting.
  • Teen sex – Adult videos of girls over 18, but still in their teens.

While BubbleClips is a great platform with lots of awesome content, with every great site there are still a few downsides.

The medium-length, 8 minute clips that BubbleClips uploads are more than enough content for most users. However, full-length 20+ minute sex movies are pretty much unbeatable when it comes to content quality, so that’s clearly a downside to using them. Additionally, they don’t have thousands of videos like you’d find on tube sites or premium adult subscription sites.

Now let’s go over the pros and cons:


  • Completely free, no catches
  • Daily uploads
  • HD Quality
  • Multiple categories
  • No buffering or lag


  • Non-full movies
  • Limited amount of videos

Overall, we think BubbleClips is one of the best places that you can watch sex videos for free on the web. We suggest taking a break from the usual tube sites you visit to check out the content they upload. In fact, we believe that once you check out their website, there’s a good chance you’ll never want to go back to the crappy, low quality, short clips that most tube sites pump out.

NSFW Subreddits

nsfw subreddits

Nowadays, pretty much every casual internet user has run into Reddit.com at some point, but did you know that they have thousands of adult and nsfw subreddits on their website?

That’s right! And the subreddit we’re sharing with you today is the 60FpsPorn subreddit, which we handpicked as being one of the best places to browse sex videos on the web.

The style of this subreddit is that users share high quality, short sex clips in 60 frames per second. They upload them to websites like GFYCat so they can be easily shared and watched by others for free without any lag whatsoever.

This is an awesome way to watch sex videos because you’re able to go from link-to-link watching super high quality clips at a fast rate, but they also have a few understandable downsides.

The clips shared on this subreddit are supposed to be short, but they’re possibly too short and don’t provide enough user satisfaction. Additionally, not much new content is shared on this subreddit, so you can’t necessarily use it as your sole source of sex videos.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Completely free
  • Great quality
  • Easy to browse and watch


  • No full movies
  • Not much new content is shared

Overall, this is a great addition to add into your arsenal of browsing sex videos. It’s a great way to watch high quality sex scenes at a fast rate, but don’t count on this as being your sole source of adult content.

WhoaGirls (Video section)

whoagirls videos

WhoaGirls has sex chat rooms where you can watch live girls on cam, but we also have video archives of private sex shows that anyone can go watch. This is great for those who are interested in live sex shows, but don’t want to go through the hassle of persuading a girl on cam to give you one.

After navigating to the overview of our sex videos you’ll be able to choose from dozens of categories. Select a category that interests you and begin browsing the latest clip uploads. Additionally, if you want to watch a specific model on our website, then you can go to their profile and click the “Videos” tab to see VODs of their private sex shows.

Using our private video archives is a great way to see more of a model you’ve already met, even when they’re not online to chat with. However, you will need a free account to start watching, and it’ll cost you a minor amount of credits for each clip you play. If you want, you can create an account now to get 120 credits for free!

Here are the pros and cons of our VOD archives:


  • Good categorization
  • Real amateur videos
  • Thousands of sex clips


  • Costs minor amount of credits
  • Free account needed to view sex VODs

Do you watch sex videos on a website that you think might fit into our list? Let us know in the comments.