3 Sexy Girls That Are Popular on YouTube

3 Sexy Girls That Are Popular on YouTube

YouTubers get popular for many different reasons, and today we’ll be looking at how these sexy girls got their claim to fame.

These babes got to where they were from having consistent, entertaining content. However, their incredible sex appeal definitely boosted them to new heights – and for a good reason!

Let’s get into it with the first hot girl on our list:

1. Jessica Nigri

  • Youtube: JessicaNigri
  • Subscribers: 1,200,000
  • Total Views: 84,000,000

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is one of the most popular and sexy cosplay girls in the world. At Comic-Con in 2009, she initially went viral with an eye-popping, ‘Sexy Pikachu’ cosplay. Afterwards, pictures of her hot body in the cute Pokemon outfit flooded the internet. Since then, Nigri has become a huge YouTube and internet celebrity. She has done several memorable hot girl cosplays, and still continues to surprise folks at conventions to this day!

Her YouTube channel mostly consists of behind-the-scenes cosplay shoots, random update vlogs, and ‘Mail Mondays’ where she reads fan letters. Due to these consistent uploads and vast following, Jessica Nigri has landed jobs, such as voice acting and cameos on shows.

Check out Jessica’s social media to see more of her sexy costumes and pictures!

2. Zoie Burgher

  • Youtube: ZoieBurgher
  • Subscribers: 1,150,000
  • Total Views: 38,000,000

Zoie Burgher

One of YouTube’s most sexy and interesting female stars, Zoie Burgher is famous for being the girl who promised nudes at 1 million subscribers! Originally, she started off as a streamer on Twitch.tv. However, her broadcasts contained too much adult content, such as a some sexy twerking here and there. Therefore, it was deemed way too controversial for the platform, and she was consequently perma-banned after three warnings.

Even then, this didn’t stop Zoie from showing off her rockin’ bod. After taking her talents to YouTube, she continued to quickly rise in popularity. In fact, she even got shoutouts from some of the biggest YouTubers, such as Scarce, Ricegum, and even Keemstar. This overwhelming amount of attention has propelled her into stardom at an extremely fast rate. Not to mention, her amazing ‘assets’ have definitely helped her grab the people’s attention along the way!

3. Celestia Vega

  • Youtube: CelestiaVega
  • Subscribers: 535,000
  • Total Views: 19,000,000

Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega is a close friend of Zoie Burgher’s that rose to stardom alongside her. Frequently creating all sorts of sexy content together, she was able to quickly grow her channel from 5,000 subscribers to over 500,000 within a few months.

The viral video that greatly influenced this growth was a collaboration between Celestia, Zoie, and another girl named Abigale Mandler. It was a ‘Smash or Pass’ themed video that discussed how sexy several highly popular YouTubers are. One of these being Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, who is the biggest celebrity on the platform. Consequently, he ended up specifically reacting to this video on his own channel, which gained these hot girls a ton of attention on YouTube!

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3 Surprising Ways Sex Cams Can Improve Stamina

3 Surprising Ways Sex Cams Can Improve Stamina

Stamina is an important aspect of intercourse that many guys have issues with. Even if your sexual performance is already decent, there’s a lot of guys who still wish they had it better. If this sounds like you, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that sex cams can play a role in improving this.

Today we’re going over 3 surprising ways that adult cams can actually increase your overall sexual stamina. Not to mention, flirting with webcam models can be an amazingly pleasurable experience as well!

1. Sex Toys & Cam Shows

Sex Toys & Cam Shows

It’s known that adult toys are a staple for longer-lasting action in the bedroom. Did you know that they can also drastically increase the satisfaction gained from cam shows? That’s right! We’ve even gone over 5 Awesome Sex Toys to Use During Cam Shows.

But you may be wondering, “How does this tie into helping my endurance?”

Well, there’s almost no better way to improve stamina than to directly spend time in the act. Furthermore, sex can be closely simulated online with webcam models since they’re there to make you feel ‘amazing’!

2. Foreplay During Cybersex

Foreplay During Cybersex

We all know the goal of foreplay is to draw out intimacy for enhanced pleasure. However, it can also be used to indirectly boost stamina. This ties into sex cams because the whole experience has a variety of erotic dirty talk and anticipation. Essentially, the best cybersex all boils down to being foreplay.

Coming up with flirty lines that can get you and your partner into a horny mood is a lot of fun. Here are 5 Examples of Dirty Talk Lines that you can use. Taking the time to control the pacing of foreplay before even getting to any physical activity can help your sexual performance tremendously!

3. Gain Sexual Experience

Gain Sexual Experience

Being intimate with women through sexual practice is undisputedly the best way to improve stamina. However, this can’t easily be replicated on a frequent basis – especially if you can’t last more than 30 seconds in the act! Unfortunately, it can also drastically affect your confidence and spiral a man into a worse state than where he started.

Sex cams might be the best way to solve this issue and increase your confidence during the process. Having a one-on-one experience with a babe that is there to fulfill your every desire will do a few things:

  1. Increase your tolerance towards sex.
  2. Help your confidence immensely.
  3. Give you an orgasm that feels amazing.

Since most dudes can’t just have sex with any girl at a whim, it somewhat limits your ability to gain that vital experience. Probably the biggest edge that adult cams provide is the fact that they’re readily available whenever you are!

So go choose a webcam model to sex chat with! After a few live cam shows you’ll be that much closer to becoming a legend in the sack.