Tempocams Debuts Girls Roulette Streaming Platform

Tempocams Debuts Girls Roulette Streaming Platform

Tempocams has officially launched their anticipated girls roulette video streaming platform. This new roulette chat section lets users randomly cycle through live sex shows to find, chat, and flirt with girls on cam.

“Users are now essentially able to peek in and chat privately with girls performing sex shows,” said a Tempocams developer. “Our goal with this project is to bring a more modern feeling when sex chatting online.”

Easily skip to a different video broadcast by pressing the ‘Next’ button embedded in the stream. Optionally, visitors can also choose to enable their own webcams and talk in the 1-on-1 chat room provided.

“The new girls roulette section is powered by the popular sex chat site WhoaGirls.com,” added the developer. “As a part of launching, visitors who signup are granted 120 free credits via their WhoaGirls account.”

To claim your free credits and start connecting to live sex shows, visit the official girls roulette.

Broadcasters interested can direct message @Tempocams on Twitter to get involved.

BubbleClips Announces Addition of Timestamps on Sex Videos

BubbleClips Announces Addition of Timestamps on Sex Videos

BubbleClips has officially announced the addition of timestamps on all their sex videos.

“Our metrics show that users essentially jump-around, repeat and skip segments of sex clips,” said a BubbleClips developer “Gone are the days of aimlessly searching and buffering to find what you want to see. Timestamps make watching videos a lot more fluid and improve the user experience overall.”

Located in the description of each video are sex positions in the clip accompanied by timestamp indicators. This new feature gives guests the ability to skip around to specific portions of the scene with a simple click.

“Maximizing user satisfaction is one of our top priorities. It’s up there with adding new content to the platform.” said the developer “Every feature we implement is to provide a better viewing experience.”

To try out this new feature, visit their official website and browse all videos. For more information, follow @BubbleClips on Twitter.