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summer wren

Lately, there’s been dozens of guests in my sex chat room asking about the official Summer Wren Fan Club! Since there’s so much interest, let’s do a quick rundown of the benefits of joining that coveted inner circle.

Here’s a preview of the content I exclusively share with the Fan Club:

  • Extra Selfies
  • Sexy Videos
  • Striptease Videos
  • Sexy Photos
  • My Snapchat where I send out daily pictures

Not to mention, you’ll receive my undying gratitude and a ton of special attention from yours truly!

Free Fan Club Access

If you want a taste of the Fan Club without actually joining it, then I’ve got some good news for you! For a limited time, you’ll receive one week of Free Fan Club access for sending my sex cam your Flirt of the Month vote. I’ll be notified after receiving the vote, and you’ll gain access to the club after the live stream.

My goal is to get top 5 in this month’s F.O.T.M. vote, but I’ll only be able to reach that if my followers send their support! Ask in the public chat rooms if you need instructions on how to vote because other online users will likely provide directions.

-Summer Wren

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