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Introducing an Easier Way to Sign Up

Many chat sites have long, annoying processes to sign up on their platforms. This is why we’ve introduced a more simple, easy way to sign up to WhoaGirls that takes seconds – not minutes. At the top of every sex chat room is a button that can be clicked to easily sign up for an […]

3 Great Sites to Watch HD Sex Videos

There’s a ton of different places to watch sex videos on the web. In fact, there’s so many that you can actually split them up into subcategories. For example, there’s free tube sites, premium video platforms, adult video blogs and more! Here’s a short description of these subcategories: Tube sites generally have thousands of short […]

Launching Our Partnership with Fleshlight

It definitely seems like straight guys draw the short straw when it comes to sex toys. There are so many elaborate toys for women and even gay guys, but there’s a serious lack of quality products for straight men. Great sex products for men do exist though, which is why we’re proud to announce our […]

10 of the Best Cam Girls on Our Platform

Our platform has hundreds of cam girls on it, and a handful of these girls attract quite a bit of the overall viewer popularity. However, there’s a good reason for all the attention they receive. Aside from these cam girls being stunningly sexy, nearly all of them have 5-star ratings for their sex shows, dozens […]

Mya Yume: Sexy Questionnaire!

Have you ever met someone and wondered what they were like in the bedroom? When I’m sex chatting with viewers, they get to learn all about me and what I like. Sometimes, I wanna know what you guys like! I think you could help me out. Take this sexy questionnaire and find out if you […]

Lindsey Banks: My Kind of Man!

A conversation topic that I get a lot while doing live shows is what kind of man I like. What a tough question! Well, if I had to choose I could give you at least five different types of men that always impress me. You might be surprised at the variety: 1. The Fashionable: Everyone […]

Adalyn Alexis: Keep It Kinky!

Whenever I get on WhoaGirls I get a lot of questions from viewers about kinks I enjoy. It’s always fun to hear about the creative ways people have a good time and I’m no exception! Of course, if you know what I like then you’re going to have more fun flirting with me, so why […]

Luna Johnson: Sculpt Your Body!

The other evening I was sex chatting with some regulars in my room when the topic of fitness came up. We joked around about body image, but I couldn’t help but think about how it applied to me. As a woman, a lot of emphasis is put on the way we look; having a nice […]

Beauty Belle: I’ll Be Your Goddess

Run your hands slowly around my body, taking care to touch every soft spot with the gentle trickle of your fingers. I want shivers sent down my spine as you play with my hair and caress my neck. Show me how much you care and how much you want me. Let me feel sexy in […]

Nikki Maddison: 3 Sexy Kinds of Adults I’ve Met!

All my life I’ve enjoyed travelling. It’s exciting – filled with adventure, new places, and faces. I noticed that what made travelling fun wasn’t the place I went to but the people I met. Being on WhoaGirls is like travelling; I get to meet all sorts of people every day! Speaking of WhoaGirls, I was […]