How to Meet Girls in Sex Chat Rooms

Today we’re going over an issue that many men commonly have in sex chat rooms: Meeting Girls.

We’ll identify exactly what makes this problem so widespread and provide you with 3 important guidelines.

So you may be thinking…

“Shouldn’t it be easy to meet girls on an adult chat site if the purpose is for people to have cybersex?”

While that is a valid point, it doesn’t take into account the overwhelming ratio of men vs. women.

Gender Overview

Anyone who’s ever used a sex chat site has probably noticed that girls are often swarmed by tons of guys wanting attention. Lots of men are sex-crazed, so it’s not a surprise they’re a majority.

Here’s some insider information from our adult chat rooms:

Even though almost every live cam on WhoaGirls has women, our gender demographics actually show…

There’s a whopping 85% male vs. 15% female visitor ratio!

gender demographics

So according to these stats, shouldn’t our site be a sausage-fest?

Not necessarily!  This is actually due to the fact that most girls prefer to get on cam, while men typically stay off.

Why does this all this matter?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it means that girls have plenty of variety to choose from. Unless they’re talking to more than one guy at once, statistically there’ll be 7 other men lined up.

Now you may be wondering…

“If there’s so much competition, how do I actually meet girls?”

Follow the guidelines below and you’ll find success soon enough!

start chatting

Tip #1: The Golden Rule – Be Nice!

Or even easier; just don’t be rude.

This is pretty straight forward, but it’s also the most important tip! Common sense shows that if you’re nice to people, then it’s more likely to receive positive responses.

And If you’re thinking, “But nice guys finish last!”  No, they don’t.
Not on our adult chat site at least.

In most cases, if you’re rude to women, they’ll ignore message faster than you can say, “private me.”

Tip #2: Perseverance

Play a numbers game and don’t be afraid to move on to the next girl if a sex chat isn’t really panning out. The two of you may not have chemistry – and that’s totally fine.

Additionally, If a model doesn’t respond after messaging her, don’t get put off. They could just be busy talking to someone else who initiated a conversation before you.

Wait or move onto the next chick!

Eventually, everyone meets a girl to sex chat with after keeping at it for long enough.

That’s the important factor to take away from this tip.

Tip #3: Find the Right Platform

Find a great chat platform that’s setup for success before even starting. Try looking for a website that has medium to large amounts of users to interact with. That’ll allow you to utilize Tip #2 and play the numbers!

But finding a good adult chat site is a difficult endeavor…

So we suggest using a top list like TalkToBabes or simply checking our list of 15 Popular Live Sex Cam Sites.

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