5 Popular Sex Chat Sites & How to Use Them

5 Popular Sex Chat Sites

Let’s face it. Most sex chat sites on the web are pretty awful.

There’s usually at least one glaring issue on every site that sticks out like a sore thumb.

This can totally ruin a user’s experience and force them to constantly be in pursuit of a better alternative.

Here’s a few problems that most sex chat rooms have:

  • Low amount of users online.
  • Clunky or slow platform.
  • Confusing to use and navigate.
  • Little to no moderation so rooms are filled with spam.
  • And last, but not least… They’re straight up boring.

Since so many sites have one or more of these issues, we put together a list of 5 popular sex chat sites that do not possess these common problems and effectively stand out from the rest. Additionally, we provide step-by-step guides on how you can use each website on our list to get the most out of them.

Let’s start with our video sex chat rooms since you might already be familiar with them.

1. WhoaGirls


When we made WhoaGirls, we identified the common issues that other sex chat sites have, and we set out to never let them surface in our own chat rooms. So you can rest assured knowing that we’ll always strive towards developing a community that has our visitors best interests in mind.

With that being said…

Here’s how to get the most out of our video sex chat rooms:start chatting

When you’re overseeing who’s live on cam now, you can take your pick of which room you’d like to enter. We have tons of sex cams online at all times, so feel free to browse!

Here’s a tip:
Hover the featured image of a preview to see a live webcam feed of the broadcaster.

After selecting a girl to watch, the first thing you’ll probably notice is their live cam stream with a chat room accompanying it. This is where you can start sex chatting exclusively with them and where the real fun begins.

Our process is as simple as that!

We try to make meeting girls on our site as easy as possible for our visitors so they don’t ever have to seek out other adult chat sites.

But just in case we’re not the right fit for you, here are 4 other popular sex chat sites that may suite you better.

2. Tempocams


Tempocams is a sex chat roulette site that connects you exclusively with girls. Their roulette mode features your own private chat room where you’re able to watch and talk to girls on cam doing free live sex shows.

Here’s how to get started on their platform:

  1. Get on their Girls Roulette.
    When first visiting Tempocams, you’ll find that their layout is pretty straightforward. Click the “Girls Roulette” button to enter and you’ll immediately be placed in 1-on-1 video chat with a live girl on cam.
  2. Find the right girl to watch.
    Don’t like who you got connected with? Press the “Next” button to skip to a different girl.
  3. Go ahead and start chatting!
    Once you’ve found who you want to talk to, go ahead and type something into the chat box.
  4. Hop on cam yourself. (Optional)
    Turn on your own webcam so you can talk with your partner face-to-face!

Tip: Don’t be afraid to skip to the next person.

There are tons of live girls on their platform, so you have the luxury of skipping through people until you find someone that sparks your interest. After all, that’s kind of the point of a roulette chat site!

Not a fan of random-style chatting?

Well, we have another option below that provides multiple options to help specify the right type of person you’d like to sex chat with.

3. Flirtlu


Flirtlu is a free live sex chat website that has been rapidly gaining popularity lately. Their app has 2 sections where you’re able to watch either girls or guys live on cam. Additionally, they provide sorting features that let you easily narrow down all the online cams and pinpoint exactly which video chat rooms you want to enter.

Here’s how to use their website:

  1. Select either the Girls Section or the Guys Section.
    Flirtlu splits up their site into 2 different sections to make it easier for users to browse who they want to talk with. When you’re ready, click either “Watch Girls” or “Watch Guys” to go to the corresponding sections.
  2. Browse the overview of live rooms
    The default overview of each section will display all online chat rooms with a preview image of each broadcaster.
  3. Specify an age range.
    On their navigation you’ll see multiple different age ranges. Select any of them to narrow down your overview of live rooms to only show broadcasters between that age range.
  4. Choose a category.
    If you want to continue customizing, then try using Flirtlu’s category options to narrow down your overview of live cams.
  5. Enter a sex chat room!
    Once you’ve decided which sex cam you’d like to watch, go ahead and click “Enter Room” to begin chatting.

If you’re looking for a site that’s a little more old-school, then the next popular entry on our list could be a good fit for you.

4. Chat-Avenue

chat avenue

Chat-Avenue is a site that takes the traditional approach online chatting. They lump hundreds of users into a few different chat rooms and let nature take its course. While this traditional style isn’t necessarily the most effective, it does have a nostalgic feel to it.

Here are our steps to meeting people on Chat-Avenue:

  1. Enter their adult section.
    This specific chat room has the most amount of people in it, and everyone there is looking to sex chat with others.
  2. Type in a nickname.
    Try coming up with a creative one! However, using your first name is okay too. Just make sure you don’t include your last name in order to stay anonymous.
  3. Wait for the room to load.
    This may take a bit due to their large amount of users online.
  4. Navigate to the userlist.
    The main area is flooded with spam. You’re going to want to ignore it because it’s practically useless if you’re looking for someone to talk to.
  5. Browse who’s online.
    The goal is to find someone you want to initiate a conversation with. Try looking for first names or users who have Age/Sex/Location in their nickname.
  6. Private message someone.
    Clicking on user’s nickname will initiate a 1-on-1 chat where you can talk in private.

Here’s a tip:

Try messaging a high volume of different people on Chat-Avenue. Increasing the amount of people you message will bring you the most success with meeting people on their site.

In case Chat-Avenue’s old-school style isn’t for you, we have one more popular chat site on our list you might like.

5. Omegle


Omegle is another popular alternative you can use to sex chat online. They’re a roulette chat site which randomly connects you with one person in your own private room. Their custom chatroulette-style platform can be used to meet new people at a fast rate.

Here’s how to get the most out of using them as an adult chat site:

  1. Put “Sex” in your common interests box.
    Using Omegle’s common interests feature will connect you exclusively to people who want to talk about the exact same topic. Sex is an interest that thousands of people on the site enter as one of their common interests. So naturally, you’ll have a large pool of people to begin connecting to.
  2. Be ready to say, “Hi” after connecting.
    Many of Omegle’s users connect to dozens (if not hundreds) of people in one sitting. If you don’t say anything immediately after getting paired with someone, then you’re likely going to end up getting skipped.
  3. Be yourself!
    One of the most important things to get the most out of their site is to simply be yourself when talking to people. The entire point is to get to know a bunch of different individuals, and there’s probably a lot of people on there that would love sex chatting with you.

BubbleClips: Live Sex Section (Bonus site)

bubbleclips sex cams

We felt the need to add BubbleClips into our list as a bonus site because of their increasingly popular Live Sex Cams. We’ve talked about these guys before on our list of 3 Great Sites to Watch HD Sex Videos, but they also have a popular section to watch sex cams!

Here’s how to use the cams section of their website:

  1. Navigate to their live sex section.
    You can do this by clicking the “Live Cams” link in the navigation bar at the top of their website.
  2. Browse their overview of webcams.
    Go ahead and browse the preview images of cams, and take note of the age & categories that broadcasters have listed.
  3. Choose a room and start chatting!
    Once you’ve decided on whose webcam you’d like to view, click to enter their sex chat room and start watching! Feel free to talk in the chat and begin a conversation, or click on their profile to learn more about the broadcaster before saying hello.

Do you know of a popular sex chat site that we didn’t include on our list? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Edward
    Edward says:

    I used to talk on Chat-Avenue a lot, but after I found WhoaGirls I basically abandoned their chat rooms and I’m on here all the time.

  2. Sunny
    Sunny says:

    I’m glad you included Chat Avenue on this list. I’ve been using their chat rooms for years because it always has people online and it’s easy to meet others. The software they use is kind of outdated though.


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