Top 5 Activities To Use Your Credits

Top 5 Activities To Use Your Credits On

The vast majority of WhoaGirls is totally free to use, but in addition to our free live sex cams, users can use ‘Credits’ to access multiple on-site features. Taking advantage of credits is optional, and you’ll never be required to use any of these features. Not to mention, registered users are able to spend as much time as they want talking and watching cams and we’ll never limit you!

Spending the credits on your account can be a ton of fun, and many users choose to participate in premium activities. So today we’re talking about the top 5 activities to use your WhoaGirls credits on. We’ll give a description of each feature and list out their benefits.

Let’s get started with the #1 way to spend credits: Private Sex Shows!

1. Private Sex Shows

private show

Private sex shows are by far the most appealing premium feature to use your WhoaGirls credits on. Every video chat room on the platform can enter private chats and group shows. When you initiate a private show, you’ll enter a 1-on-1 room to talk with each other.


  • Models will do almost anything you ask during a sex show – it’s all about your pleasure.
  • For however long you’re in a private show, you have that babe’s complete and undivided attention.
  • On profiles it lists a models kinks. If one catches your eye, ask about it and start a private sex show!

See All Live Girls & Try Private Shows

2. Tipping Models

send a tip

While many models on WhoaGirls like to go into a private session to shows, many also prefer to hang out in their public chat rooms to talk dirty. Tipping models is a great way to show your love after a sexy public session since they’re unexpected and very generous!


  • Broadcasters commonly do sexy things like ‘Flashing’ for tips.
  • Make an impression on a model by flooding their chat room with tips!
  • If you’re having a good conversation, send a tip to keep it interesting.

Browse Live Girls & Try Sending a Tip

3. Join Fan Clubs

whoagirls fan club

Fan clubs are a way to get more benefits out of any certain video chat room on the site. For instance, if most of your time on WhoaGirls is spent in just 1 or 2 girls rooms, then it may be worth considering joining their Fan Club to connect on a higher level. Below we’ll list a few of the common benefits of joining Fan Clubs.


  • Special attention from the broadcaster.
  • Discounts on live sex shows from that model.
  • Exclusive pictures and recorded videos for members.

Learn more about Model Fan Clubs

4. Power Score Boosts

power score boost

Giving models a Power Score Boost makes their sex cam show up in a more prominent position in the list of all online rooms. This can get the party really poppin’ by letting more people be able to find it, thus increasing the amount of chatters in a room. Additionally, providing Power Boosts makes it likely that a model will be incredibly appreciative of you!


  • Enable sex cams to be discovered by more users.
  • Boosts last for 2 days and can be stacked upon each other.
  • Similar to tipping, power boosts can win a models affection!

Learn more about Power Scores

5. Send Virtual Gifts

send virtual gifts

Sending Virtual Gifts on WhoaGirls is one of the best ways to show your affection, aside from maybe giving a fat tip, of course. Select from a predesignated library of gifts, and send one of your choosing to any model on cam.


  • Virtual gifting is broadcasted to the sex chat room.
  • Give kisses, hugs, chocolates, a teddy bear and much more.
  • Get more intimate by sending models a virtual sex toy.

Learn more about Sending Gifts

Bonus: Earn Flirt Rewards Points

flirt rewards points

Every credit activity we’ve talked about on this top 5 list goes towards earning Flirt Rewards points. The most basic feature about these points is they grant you badges on your username, which show up in every chat room you talk in! These badges have 10 different tiers that level up depending on how many Flirt Rewards points you’ve earned.

After logging into your account, you’ll be able to track and see how many points you’ve earned and how to cash them in for rewards.

Learn more about Flirt Rewards

Need Credits? We’ll give you 120 for free!

120 free whoagirls credits

Since credits on WhoaGirls are valuable and somewhat hard to come by, we take the liberty of providing every verified user 120 credits for free. That way, anyone who wants to try out some of the activities we’ve talked about can do so completely free!

There are many more activities you’re able to do with your WhoaGirls credits, such as watching sex clips in our video section. To learn more about the video section, look into our post on 3 Great Sites to Watch HD Sex Videos.

Check out who’s live on cam now to try out using your free credits on all the activities we mentioned in this blog post!

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