Stella Liberty

During sex chats on WhoaGirls, I always do roleplay fantasies with partners.

This gave me the idea to write a descriptive erotica for my fans!

Clear Your Mind & Relax

When reading, try to place yourself in the situation. Forget about any problems and imagine life with me.

Horny Erotica

Erotica’s goal is to make you horny:

Place your hands on my hips. Seriously, do it. You have total permission.

Alright, now slide them a little lower… Good. Pull me close, hold tight and make me feel safe.

Whisper in my ear and say what you want to do with me. Don’t be afraid – admit every sexual fantasy.

Finally, guide me to the sofa so we can relax. I’ll rub anywhere, letting you experience a woman’s touch.

Aroused yet? Let’s continue live in my video chat room.

I’ll be on tonight and we can have some fun in private.

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-Stella Liberty

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