Sasha Pinnk: My Coffee Date

sasha pinnk

It was a cool spring morning when he called me on my cell phone to ask me out for coffee. I was surprised to hear from him because I didn’t think he was interested at all when we ran into each other the last Friday.

I obliged and said, “Of course! I’d love to go out to coffee with you.”

Later that day when he came to pick me up I made sure to be looking my cutest for him. I had put on a sexy white sweater with some yoga pants that hugged my curves elegantly. Making sure to get his reaction when he got here, I gave a small wave and cute smile. It was obvious that he liked my outfit a lot.

After Having the Coffee

The way he grabbed my hand as he walked me to the car was surprising, but nonetheless, I loved it. I was even more surprised when he grabbed me by the hips and gave a passionate kiss. It’s as if he knew what I’d been wanting all afternoon.

Looking forward to the next date we have, but right now I’m sitting by my phone hoping he’ll text me!

-Sasha Pinnk

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