Sasha Pinnk: My Coffee Date

sasha pinnk

It was a cool spring morning when you called me on my cell phone to ask me out to coffee. I was surprised to hear from you because I didn’t think you were interested at all when we ran into each-other the other day. I obliged and said, “Of course! I’d love to go out to coffee with you.”

Later that day when you came to pick me up I made sure I was looking amazing for you. I was wearing my sexy white sweater with yoga pants. I made sure to get your reaction when you pulled up. I could tell you liked my outfit a lot.

After we had coffee, I loved the way you grabbed my hand as you walked me to the car. I was caught off-guard when you grabbed me by my hips and kissed me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I can’t wait for the next time I talk to him. Right now I’m sitting by my phone hoping he’ll text me!

-Sasha Pinnk

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