Raevyn Lush: Stainless Steel Toy

Raevyn Lush

Every now and then I’ll get a new sex toy to try out on cam. This time around I received a gift for a stainless steel toy off my Amazon wishlist, and it was rushed to my house within 2 days.

Good thing it wasn’t any longer than that because my body was throbbing in anticipation for it!

The toy has a jeweled purple base that glimmers wonderfully in the sunlight. I can’t wait to try it during my next live sex show. In fact, my cheeks are starting to hurt from grinning so hard!

How Does a Multi-Show Sound?

My plan is to display the toy in my public chat room so both WhoaGirls members and guests can see it. After a couple of fans are around to enter a multi-show, then we can have some fun in private!

Hopefully, everyone will enjoy this treat. In the future, we’ll be having a lot more events with new sex toys because it’s one of my favorite special occasions to do for shows.

-Raevyn Lush

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