Rae Fontaine: Body Paint + Webcam = Fun!

rae fontaine

Last night was so much fun on WhoaGirls! It was my first time going live in practically 4 months. I can’t believe we got from talking about Dungeons and Dragons all the way to sex chatting. Yeah, things get weird in my chat room.

I decided to leave my webcam on while I slept, you know, just for fun. Then, when I woke up I saw that I sad 56 people watching my cam! That was exciting haha.

So today I had a crazy idea. What if I played with body-paint on webcam in my next live stream? I just need to take a quick shower, then I can hop on and we could get started with the paint.

I think I’ll wear my Pikachu T-Shirt for today’s show. I don’t care too much about getting that shirt covered in paint. It might actually make it cuter!

-Rae Fontaine

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