Mya Yume: Sexy Questionnaire!

Mya Yume

Have you ever met someone and wondered what they were like in the bedroom? When I’m sex chatting with viewers, they get to learn all about me and what I like. Sometimes, I wanna know what you guys like! I think you could help me out. Take this sexy questionnaire and find out if you like to dominate (dom) or be submissive (sub).

1. Do you like being on top or bottom more?
(Answers: Top/Dom — Bottom/Sub)

2. Do you ever take it from behind?
(Answers: No/Dom — Yes/Sub)

3. Do you like it when you get handcuffed and left vulnerable?
(Answers: No/Dom — Yes/Sub)

4. Which do you like more: getting it rough or giving it rough?
(Answers: Give/Dom — Get/Sub)

Alright! Hopefully, you answered those questions as truthfully as possible! Time to check and see if you’re more of a top or bottom! If at least three out of four of your answers were “Dom”, then you like being in control! If at least three out of four of your answers were “Sub”, then you like giving in to your partner! If you were more on the fence (two of each answer), that means you like taking turns and are a real kinkster!

Why not stop by my room on your way out and sex chat with me? I’d love to hear more about what you like. See you soon!

-Mya Yume

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