Miss Nicci: Tease and Denial

Miss Nicci

One gaze at me and I’ll have you drooling.

When a guy comes onto me, it’s not uncommon that I’ll reject him. Maybe this is because boys cannot resist my puppy dog eyes, but that’s just how I naturally handle it. Giving a slight rejection puts me in a position of power where I can utilize my tight body and essentially bring the guy throbbing on his knees. It makes him weak and in a position where he has to practically beg for my attention.

I like to make guys feel lucky if I do end up sparing a moment of my time.

The Tease

I call this scenario “The Tease”, and it’s somewhat of my signature move. In fact, it’s one of my sexiest, dominant fantasies that commonly plays out in both real-life and while live on cam.

However, I’ll tell you a secret. Every time I reject someone it actually makes my heart boil with lust. When my lover is submissive to my whim it turns me on more than anything.

Would you be a submissive or dominant lover with me?

-Miss Nicci

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