Miss Nicci

When a guy flirts with me, it’s not uncommon that I’ll reject him.

But that almost never stops them, which is actually what I truly want.

Men can’t resist my puppy dog eyes, or maybe the rejection naturally increases their urges. Regardless, this puts me in a position of power where I can utilize these womanly curves to bring them throbbing on their knees.

One glance at my body and they’re usually drooling with lust, so guys should feel lucky if I do give attention.

Teasing Makes Me Horny

I call the above scenario “The Tease,” which has become a signature move.

It’s a sexy, dominant fantasy that frequently plays out in both real-life and during private cam shows.

But there’s a secret I’m keeping…

Whenever I show rejection, it actually makes my entire body quiver with horniness. Similarly, lovers in the bedroom that show submission turn me on more than anything. Are you a dominant or submissive lover?

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-Miss Nicci

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