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A frequent conversation topic I’m asked during live shows is:

“What kind of man do you like?” – Which is a tough question!

Matches I Find Attractive

Let’s break it down by listing off the types of guys who always seem to impress me.

You might be surprised at the variety…


There are 5 different personalities:

  1. The Fashionable

    Everyone knows staying well-groomed is the first step to talking to any woman. Additionally, a guy who’s also fashionable starts way ahead of the competition. It shows me he cares enough about his appearance to put a good foot forward. You know what they say, first impressions are everything, especially to a cam girl!

  2. The Intellectual

    This one might come as surprise to a lot of you, but women enjoy the company of those who can hold a conversation. It’s a total drag when the man you’re talking to can’t keep up when discussing topics, such as politics, social issues or art. When an intellectual comes into the chat room, they’re always great at keeping my attention.

  3. The Athlete

    Being an athlete requires a lot of dedication, hard work and talent. It also doesn’t hurt that most athletes have really nice bodies! If I see that a man puts in the time and effort to pursue sports, I know he’ll put the same effort into taking care of me.

  4. The Gamer

    Online video games are becoming more popular these days. Thus, ‘The Gamer’ was born. While sometimes they’re awkward, a lot of these men are actually really smart. I love chatting with a guy who pays attention to detail. Not to mention, gamers are very good with their hands! (wink)

  5. The Romantic

    Those who treat me like a true lady are total heartthrobs. I’m talking candlelit dinners and flowers! Show your sensitive side, and let’s try to relate to each other on an emotional level. We’ll probably have a ton more fun flirting that way!

Wrapping Up

Who would’ve thought that there are so many different kinds of guys out there? It’s always fun to try and identify the types of people in my chat room. Each one brings a different perspective to the table, and the mixture always makes for a fun night.

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-Lindsey Banks

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