Katrina English: Music

Katrina English

Music is so wonderful. Don’t you agree?

I love all kinds of music. Pop, metal, rap, you name it! However, today I’m feeling a bit down so I’m listening to some sad music. My friend told me she liked “Country and Western” music, then she laughed and said she also likes “Emo” music.

Some of my favorite sounds are the rumbles of deep bass beats, accompanied by violins and backup vocals. Electronic sounds added in there doesn’t hurt either.

What can I say? I enjoy it!

It gets me so pumped up and makes me want to head out to tackle the world.

For the record, my favorite bands right now are darker and more digital ones. Even though they sound dark they can still be enjoyable. In fact, I’m still able to dance anytime I hear a dark song come on.

Anyways, that’s enough music ranting. Talk to you later!

-Katrina English

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