Katrina English: It’s Nearly October

Katrina English

Summer is finally ending and the beginning of fall is on its way!

The sad part is, we’re all going to have to start putting away our cute bikini’s, shorts, and other summer clothes to bring out the sweaters and jackets. However, what always cheers me up when autumn comes around is that I get to pull out my adorable knee-high boots. That’s actually what makes autumn my favorite time of the year, all the cute outfits I get to wear!

I love the feeling of the breeze in my hair and the scent of leaves in the air. It’s so beautiful when trees begin to change colors, but I also like the look of bare bark when all those leaves fall off. It’s so amazing to watch them magically twirl around in the wind.

The entire month of October is beautiful. It makes me tingle thinking about the sunlight dipping below the horizon!

Halloween Is My Favorite Holiday out of the Year

It’s a time when the reality between dimensions is split and the impossible can occur – or at least that’s what I like to think!

Additionally, I love dressing up, going to parties, giving out candy, and decorating. I always end up in some sort of sexy witch costume that shows off my legs. In fact, every year it’s pretty much just a different form of witch outfit.

I can’t wait! Just a few more weeks to go and all those anticipated fantasies become a reality.

-Katrina English

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