Jazmine Jezebel: My Experience So Far

Jazmine Jezebel

When I first decided to start sex chatting live on cam, my roommate said that I wouldn’t like it. Well, I’m proud to say that they were dead wrong because my experience so far on WhoaGirls has been nothing but positive. Surprisingly, a few of the guys I’ve talked to on here have even mentioned that I’m a natural at it!

A Passion For Modeling

Admittedly, I love taking sexy pictures of myself so it makes sense that I’m not very camera-shy when doing live sex shows. Showing off my body is my passion, no matter if it’s fitness modeling or stripping on cam!

Some viewers have enjoyed my shows so much that they’ve sent gifts from my Amazon wishlist. My favorite thing someone gifted was a new toy that I can use while sex chatting. That’s going to be a whole lot of fun when it gets here! (wink)

Receiving gifts has been the most flattering thing people have done for me in the chat room thus far. At first, this whole sex cam thing was only to fulfill my own erotic urges, but you could definitely say that meeting men on here has awakened a sugar daddy fetish I never knew I had!

-Jazmine Jezebel

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