Jazmine Jezebel: Achieved My Goal

Jazmine Jezebel

I finally did it! I achieved my goal of getting on WhoaGirls every single day this week! About a month ago I wanted to start getting online every day, but I wasn’t able to make it a week straight. Things kept coming up and I ended up being too exhausted by the end of the day to talk to anybody.

I’m going to now be taking a break for a few days to relax. To be honest I’m probably just going to watch Netflix and chill-out. I’m going to miss every one of my fans, but we’re going to have tons of stuff to talk about when I’m back!

I’m actually thinking about surprising you guys by taking a few sexy photos while I’m on break. If I do, you can expect those to be uploaded to my profile and Fan Club on Tuesday or Wednesday.

-Jazmine Jezebel

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