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Lately, I’ve been discussing attractive features about men in my chat room.

So I decided to create a list of what really turns me on!

I’ll elaborate on each point so readers can understand my deepest desires.

It Isn’t About the Looks

While handsome guys definitely catch my eye, for many women it’s about what’s on the inside that really counts.

Sexy Girlfriend

Here are a few personality traits which are sexy in men:

  1. Sense of humor

    If you can make me laugh, then I’ll probably like you!

  2. Intelligence

    Having meaningful conversations is a true passion of mine. I love to discuss the deeper topics in life.

  3. Creativity

    All kinds of creativity is sexy! Either art or even impulsive acts of randomness.

  4. Laid-back attitude

    Forgetting about the world and living in the moment are some of the most desirable traits.

  5. Generosity

    Whether its lending a helping hand or taking a girlfriend out shopping, I find generosity incredibly sexy.

Looking forward to talking about this more during my next live sex show!

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-Hazel Beam

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