Hazel Beam: The Top 5 Traits I Find Sexy in a Man

Hazel Beam

Lately, I’ve been discussing what I find attractive about men with guests in my chat room. This got me thinking and I decided to go ahead and make an official list about what really turns me on because I want to elaborate on each point.

It Isn’t about the Looks

While a handsome man can definitely catch your eye, for most women it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.

Here are a few personality traits that are sexy in men:

  1. Sense of humor. If you can make me laugh, then I’m probably going to like you.
  2. Intelligence. I love having meaningful and deep conversations with a significant other.
  3. Creativity. I find all kinds of creativity sexy, whether it’s art or even impulsive acts of randomness.
  4. Being laid-back. Being able to forget about the world and live in the moment is one of the most desirable traits I have in a man.
  5. Generosity. Whether it’s lending a helping hand or taking a girlfriend out shopping, I find generosity to be incredibly sexy.

Looking forward to talking about this more during my next live sex show!

-Hazel Beam

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