Foxy Anny: A Little About Myself

Foxy Anny

A lot of people have been stopping by my chat room lately asking random questions, which is what inspired this blog post!

So today we’re going to discuss a few details about myself:

  • I’m a young girl in a small world who’s passionate about meeting new people online.
  • I spend most of my days on webcam, chatting it up with just about anyone who sparks up a conversation.
  • One of my core values is honesty, which also provides a sense of comfortability with being open. Ask me almost anything and I’ll be inclined to answer honestly.

People Say I’m Addicted to Emoji’s

This is probably due to the fact that I put a smiley in just about every text I send! I love to make people smile, and it always makes me happy when I get sent emoji’s.

For those wondering, I currently do not have a boyfriend, but also haven’t really been looking… Who knows what might happen! *wink*

Let’s talk in my chat room because maybe we’re soulmates that haven’t met yet!

-Foxy Anny

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