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Recently, I’ve had an urge to start a video sex chat room.

But I’ve always been too afraid or just downright anxious!

It’s much less nerve-wracking anonymously talking over private messages since there isn’t pressure on the way you look in the moment. Honestly, there are many decent reasons for not wanting to have a sex cam on here.

Admittedly, I decided to work through those confidence issues and finally performed a live sex show!

Taking the Leap

Webcam Model

Let’s discuss some of the mental hurdles which prevent many girls from getting on webcam.

Here are a few main reasons:

  1. Am I cute enough?

    There are so many incredibly attractive women on WhoaGirls, so I couldn’t possibly compare to them. The only reasonable option is to let the viewers decide.

  2. What would people think of me?

    Well first off, in chat rooms you’re almost completely anonymous behind a username. Second, the best thing to do is simply not care what other people think. That shouldn’t hold you back from completing goals!

  3. Would anyone even watch?

    This reason was quickly proven wrong. After going live my sex chat room quickly became top 20! Viewers must like my personality, so I ended up talking all night.

Overall, “just doing it” was a great decision! Like many goals in life, simply taking a leap provides confidence to carry on.

Trust that you’ll see a lot more of my shows in the future!

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-Cllarisse Jones

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