Adelaide Jameson: I want to Fulfill a Fantasy

Adelaide Jameson

Placing any sort of emotions or love aside, I’ve always wanted to get intimate with a female. In fact, I’m starting to feel like I need it badly!

Naturally, if I decided to do it, I’d probably meet someone online in my sex chat room. After getting acquainted, we’d eventually meet up in person. This might actually be the one place I’d feel comfortable meeting another female because my room on WhoaGirls feels like a safe place online to me.

The Type of Woman I’d Be Interested In

She would have to be charming, adorable, and have a terrific personality. People that have me chuckling behind my keyboard during conversations really make me melt!

For her specific traits I would ideally want:

  • Dark hair
  • Dark eyes
  • Tons of tattoos
  • and a sassy attitude!

In fact, that sounds a whole lot like my own style!

When we meet it’d be amazing if she was wearing baggy sweatpants and a cute, little t-shirt. Imagine if she also brought by muffins too! We would talk for a bit, or well she would, and I would merely pay attention to her.

I think the whole experience would be remarkable, and it would be great to make the fantasy come true someday.

-Adelaide Jameson

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Raevyn Lush: My First Time Broadcasting

raevyn lush

In the past, I’ve streamed on different live cam platforms, but tonight will be my first time broadcasting on WhoaGirls!

I’m so thrilled to return to the fantastic world of webcam chatting! Since my last sex show, I’ve collected a bunch of new toys that I can’t wait to show off to everyone. My sex toy collection contains whips, chains, gags, and cuffs that we can use together.

Sexy Outfits I Should Wear

Tonight I’ll be wearing some of my most alluring lingerie in honor of my debut sex show. However, let me know in the future if you’d like to see leather outfits or more lacy, sexy lingerie.

Let’s make my first night on WhoaGirls one to remember. Join my chat room tonight when I get on cam!

-Raevyn Lush

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Golda Zaire: I’m Back!

golda zaire

Hey, my fans! Sorry for not broadcasting much lately.

For the past few weeks I’ve been out of town, then when I got back home there was a bunch of stuff to take care of. That took a few days, but now I’m ready to get back to streaming on WhoaGirls! Chatting with everyone on here brings so much excitement into my life.

Speak Your Mind!

By the way, I’d just like to say that if you think a girl is pretty, don’t be afraid to tell her. I’m not going to go into details, but there was a guy who kept beating around the bush last Friday. It really irritated me that he wouldn’t just bite the bullet and ask me out. Literally, all you have to do is say “Hi!” to me and I’ll be obliged to listen to you. If you can make me smile or laugh, then that’s even better!

-Golda Zaire

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Stelle: My Boyfriend is Going Out of Town


Today my boyfriend made love to me so passionately that I wept at the same time from the emotions and pleasure. Afterward, he began gently caressing my cheek and pet my head like I was his little puppy.

It was hard to think about how he is leaving on a business trip tomorrow morning. I’m going to be alone for the next week while he takes care of some business in Utah. I’ll probably be on cam most of the day since I’m not sure how to spend my time while he’s gone.

Let’s Have Another Meetup!

Maybe some of my fans can come meet up with me and we can have some fun. Don’t tell my boyfriend though! He doesn’t like it when I meet up with fans without telling him, but I don’t care too much because it’s always so much fun with you guys.


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Leah Briggs: The Perfect Man

Leah Briggs

Originally, I started getting on WhoaGirls because I was on a quest to find a thick, juicy man to spend some time with. After chatting with a few guys on the site it became clear that the ideal guy might not surface.

My Confession About Men’s Physiques

I have some high requirements in a man, and one of them is that they need to have a ripped physique. A man that has perfectly shredded muscles is able to squeeze tight when they give hugs. Personally, I like to be bear hugged almost to the point where I can’t breathe!

What are your favorite physical qualities in the opposite sex?

-Leah Briggs

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Missy Longview: Seriously? So many problems.

Missy Longview

Since I’ve been offline more than usual lately, I feel obligated to fill in my fans with what’s been going on. Last time we talked I was mentioning getting a new HD webcam. Well, it hasn’t been too long since I placed the order, but I’m still waiting for it to come in the mail. Hopefully, I won’t have to contact support, terminate the entire order and get a new one sent out.

Oh well, that’s life!

The other issue I’ve been dealing with is my laptop. In addition to it being extremely outdated, the hardware is beginning to fail on me. For example, the battery is only about 10% effective as it was when I first got the laptop years ago.

All I can do at the moment is just laugh at the entire scenario. Honestly, it’s about time to grab a drink, put my feet up and brush the whole thing off. That’s the best way to deal with stress in my opinion.

Anyways, I’m off for now. I’m headed a straight to the bathtub with a strong drink and a bath bomb!

-Missy Longview

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Mandi Snow: You All Make Me So Hot

mandi snow

Chatting on WhoaGirls is unbelievable! Every time I login I meet a new guy that makes me so hot.

My mind is racing with all the things I want to show off and do on cam. In fact, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get some attention ASAP. This evening I wasn’t planning on doing a sex show, but since I’m feeling this way I simply cannot resist!

New Sexy Pictures

I hope you guys enjoy looking at the new pictures I put up on my WhoaGirls profile. They’re currently processing and some of them could take a day or two to be accepted.

If you’re interested photos that are a bit sexier, then take a look at my fan club. That’s where I share my naughtiest pictures!

-Mandi Snow

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Blake Parker: Raffle

blake parker

I’m having an end of the year raffle that you’re going to love!

From now up until the live drawing on October 7, 2015 at 10PM EST tickets will be readily available.

1 Ticket = 100 Credits OR 5 Tickets = 400 Credits (What a deal!)

With every drawing of 175 credits or more, you’ll be gifted a compilation of brand new sex video clips. Tickets can be requested in my chat room while I’m online. All you have to do is speak up and say you’re interested in getting some raffle tickets! If I’m offline, then send a direct message along with a note mentioning how many drawing tickets you would like.

For Fan Club Members:

Until the end of the year, private shows will be set at 60 CPM! I also added 5 new sexy photos, created a 2016 calendar, and put up 10 minutes of new video content on my profile. Additionally, you’re now able to put in requests to make custom, pre-recorded shows. This means you can now mention what turns you on and I can create a sexy show doing whatever you please!

Throughout the next month, I’ll be having surprise giveaways where fans can win drawing tickets for the October raffle. Stay tuned because I have some terrific events planned for the remainder of the year!

A quick little thank you to every one of you that frequently visit my chat room and watch my videos. I’d LOVE to stay in the top 20 cam girls on WhoaGirls, and I need my fan’s support to make it a reality!

I’ll send everyone direct messages in addition to posting updates on Twitter regarding news or updates.

-Blake Parker

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Katrina English: Guess Who’s Back!

katrina english

Sorry about not being around much lately. I’ve almost fully completed my move to Arizona – or at least I hope so. It has been a huge ordeal moving from Hawaii. In fact, I had to do it rather quickly, so its been super time-consuming!

My New Boyfriend

For a while, I had a boyfriend, but he suddenly decided to leave and travel to Europe. Who even does that? I kind of wish he took me with him because I would have enjoyed seeing Europe. However, I can’t really just drop everything to go traveling without some sort of plan.

Anyways, it feels good to be back on WhoaGirls. I missed the gentlemen (and ladies!) who talked in my chat room, and I missed being able to please you guys in my private sex shows.

-Katrina English

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