Miss Nicci: Tease and Denial

Miss Nicci

One gaze at me and I’ll have you drooling.

When a guy comes onto me, it’s not uncommon that I’ll reject him. Maybe this is because boys cannot resist my puppy dog eyes, but that’s just how I naturally handle it. Giving a slight rejection puts me in a position of power where I can utilize my tight body and essentially bring the guy throbbing on his knees. It makes him weak and in a position where he has to practically beg for my attention.

I like to make guys feel lucky if I do end up sparing a moment of my time.

The Tease

I call this scenario “The Tease”, and it’s somewhat of my signature move. In fact, it’s one of my sexiest, dominant fantasies that commonly plays out in both real-life and while live on cam.

However, I’ll tell you a secret. Every time I reject someone it actually makes my heart boil with lust. When my lover is submissive to my whim it turns me on more than anything.

Would you be a submissive or dominant lover with me?

-Miss Nicci

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Skyy York: Dream Destination

Skyy York

Occasionally, guests from Australia stop by my chat room and we always get to talking about how much fun Sydney is. At this point, it’s made me want to go on vacation there really badly! There are dozens of reasons I would love to go.

Here are some of the upsides of going:

  • Australian Safaris!
    It’d be cool to see some kangaroo’s, koala’s, dingo’s, wombat’s and more all in their natural habitat.
  • Sydney Music Festivals!
    Ever since I visited the Ultra Music Festival in Miami I’ve been wanting to go to one in Australia. It’d be fun to party with random people and chat up some guys.
  • The Coastline!
    Playing in the water, chilling on the beach, and gazing into the beautiful sunset sounds like an amazing experience.

But there’s also some downsides:

  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • and all the other creepy crawlies!

In fact, those might even be big enough downsides to not go. I’ll have to hide under the blanket in my hotel room if I get too freaked out.

Vacation Doesn’t Mean Silence

If I go on vacation, it wouldn’t mean I’d abandon my fans on WhoaGirls. I’ll still log on every night and hop on cam to talk with all the regulars in the chat room. There’s no way I could go more than a few days without talking to some of my best friends on here!

So what do you guys think? Should I visit Australia, or should I stick to dreaming about it?

-Skyy York

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Kaycee May: Day Two

Kaycee May

My second day on WhoaGirls was incredibly hectic, but not in a bad way! It was a ton of fun video chatting with guests during my 2-hour long sex show. I showed off my yoga skills and did over a dozen different sexy stretching techniques. There were so many nice people in my chat room that got me excited to do another broadcast as soon as possible!

Shout Outs and Thank You’s

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who followed my room and generously gave me tips during my second live stream. All of your feedback and encouraging words help towards making my shows a better experience for viewers.

Additionally, one of my favorite things to do while I’m online is privately message people. It’s such a turn on hearing what people directly say during a cam chat. In fact, it motivates me to get online more!

I’ll probably be going live again tonight, so I’ll see you there!

-Kaycee May

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Raevyn Lush: Stainless Steel Toy

Raevyn Lush

Every now and then I’ll get a new sex toy to try out on cam. This time around I received a gift for a stainless steel toy off my Amazon wishlist, and it was rushed to my house within 2 days.

Good thing it wasn’t any longer than that because my body was throbbing in anticipation for it!

The toy has a jeweled purple base that glimmers wonderfully in the sunlight. I can’t wait to try it during my next live sex show. In fact, my cheeks are starting to hurt from grinning so hard!

How Does a Multi-Show Sound?

My plan is to display the toy in my public chat room so both WhoaGirls members and guests can see it. After a couple of fans are around to enter a multi-show, then we can have some fun in private!

Hopefully, everyone will enjoy this treat. In the future, we’ll be having a lot more events with new sex toys because it’s one of my favorite special occasions to do for shows.

-Raevyn Lush

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Katrina English: It’s Nearly October

Katrina English

Summer is finally ending and the beginning of fall is on its way!

The sad part is, we’re all going to have to start putting away our cute bikini’s, shorts, and other summer clothes to bring out the sweaters and jackets. However, what always cheers me up when autumn comes around is that I get to pull out my adorable knee-high boots. That’s actually what makes autumn my favorite time of the year, all the cute outfits I get to wear!

I love the feeling of the breeze in my hair and the scent of leaves in the air. It’s so beautiful when trees begin to change colors, but I also like the look of bare bark when all those leaves fall off. It’s so amazing to watch them magically twirl around in the wind.

The entire month of October is beautiful. It makes me tingle thinking about the sunlight dipping below the horizon!

Halloween Is My Favorite Holiday out of the Year

It’s a time when the reality between dimensions is split and the impossible can occur – or at least that’s what I like to think!

Additionally, I love dressing up, going to parties, giving out candy, and decorating. I always end up in some sort of sexy witch costume that shows off my legs. In fact, every year it’s pretty much just a different form of witch outfit.

I can’t wait! Just a few more weeks to go and all those anticipated fantasies become a reality.

-Katrina English

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Holly Simone: The Tingle

Holly Simone

Have you ever gotten a tingling sensation in your lower back?

Sometimes that happens to me and I just get a huge urge for a massage. It’s such a pain when no cute guys are around to lay me down and give my back a good rub. I wish I didn’t break up with my boyfriend last week because he would give me a good one. Instead, I might just need one of the guys I chat with on WhoaGirls to do it instead!

Guess I’ll Have to Call Up a Friend

Hopefully, one of my close male friends will drive over to my house to give me an intimate back massage. I have a lot of cool guy friends so I’m sure at least one of them will be kind enough to give me some attention. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll do one of those full-on 1 hour sessions because I feel like my body sure needs it!

Anyways, time to start dialing. Wish me luck.

-Holly Simone

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Leah Briggs: My Ex-Boyfriend Showed Up Today

Leah Briggs

When my ex-boyfriend and I lived together we had a lot of fun. Almost every day was exciting! We would do crazy things all the time like go to the grocery store in the middle of the night and buy random stuff.

Anyways, the reason I’m bringing this up is because he showed up at my house today and randomly wanted to go shopping. It was nostalgic since it reminded me of how it used to be together. Even though it was surprising and caught me somewhat off-guard, I still obliged. So we went out to the mall for the day, had some fun, and he bought me a new t-shirt that I want to show off on cam later!

It Felt Great to Reconnect

I would definitely go shopping with him again, but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for us to date. It’s been so long since we were together and we’ve both changed quite a bit. I’ve moved on and to be honest, I don’t find him attractive anymore. Instead, I have my fans on WhoaGirls to keep me excited in that department!

-Leah Briggs

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Arnella Duvale: He Is Magnificent

Arnella Duvale

“He is magnificent.”

That’s exactly what I thought as I looked at his powerful stature, which firmly held the group’s focus.

I longed to feel his hands caress my body…

I went ahead and approved the business proposal, just to get a chance to be near him once more at a later date. The thought of seeing him again thrilled me and I planned to dress nicely for our next conference. I decided to wear a push-up bra that I had recently purchased, black pants that made my butt look great, and a sweater to show up appropriately and conservatively.

When The Day Finally Came

The conference exceeded my expectations. He and his associate were specialists, but at the same time, the tone of the conference was casual. When he chuckled, his incredibly blue eyes glimmered, which made me melt. I maintained my composure and reminded myself that he’s in our sales department, but I still believed there was a possibility he might ask me out.

After arriving at home I noticed I had left some documents at his workplace. This made me uneasy, so I returned to the office to obtain them. It was late on a Friday and when I showed up almost everyone had left. His assistant escorted me inside where I was welcomed with a warm handshake, then the assistant was dismissed for the weekend and strolled out the door, locking it.

I Held His Gaze When We Spoke

He asked, “Exactly, how can I help you?” That’s when we started chatting and ended up in an engaging conversation.

Staring into each other’s eyes made me want to talk for hours. So that night, we went out for drinks, which began something amazing.

I can guarantee we will be going out again, and I personally cannot wait for that day.

-Arnella Duvale

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Bella Sun: Starting a New Adventure

bella sun

Tonight will be my second night of video chatting on WhoaGirls. Hopefully, a lot of guys stop by my chat room to say hello. If that happens, I can be for certain that I’ll be delighted with the turnout!

I’ve actually been cam chatting on various other sex chat sites for a while now, but after my last broadcast, I feel like WhoaGirls is a lot better for my tastes. It gets me so riled up when men get excited watching me on cam. In fact, I think my goal for tonight’s stream will be to turn on as many guys as possible!

My Future Schedule

Currently, I don’t have a schedule for getting on cam. However, in the future, I will be designating specific times that my live shows will start. Ideally, I’ll be aiming to get online almost every day in the afternoon and going for at least 8 hours.

I like to talk to guys who are at work and slacking off because they want to spend time talking to me instead. If I’m lucky, I might even meet someone special enough to fall in love with!

Excited to Go Live!

As we speak I’m counting down the hours until everyone will be able to watch my sex show tonight. I have some high hopes that I’ll become pretty popular on WhoaGirls. One of my goals is for people to begin recognizing room as one that they want to talk in over all the others.

So let’s make tonight a night to remember! Feel free to ask me almost anything. I’m very open-minded and am willing to experiment with what you’re into.

-Bella Sun

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