Luna Verlonen: My Perfect Day

luna verlonen

Today somebody asked me what my “perfect day” would be. Well, this got me thinking, and I realized that I’m a pretty easy-going gal. I appreciate the little things, like heating up some dinner and watching a movie on Netflix. Pretty much no one can spoil that because it’s the average day!

Don’t Aim Too High

If you have realistic expectations for what your perfect day is, then every day can be that day. You can even mix it up with little activities like going swimming, taking a walk, or getting on WhoaGirls to sex chat.

Always stay optimistic and try to take pleasure in the little things.

-Luna Verlonen

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Beverly Foxy: Snowflakes!

beverly foxy

Last night I had a dream where I went out and played in the snow.

It’s funny because it was just summer a few weeks ago and I’m not even used to the fall yet. Despite the seasons changing, it’s still warm where I live. In fact, the weather is still hitting over 80 degrees every single day.

I Stuck My Tongue out to Catch Snowflakes

It was like I was a kid again, hanging out with my best friend Susie. We would always go sledding in the winter together and surfing in the summer. I didn’t live near a beach at the time, so we’d have to beg our parent to drive us. I miss those times. They were simple.

-Beverly Foxy

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Rae Fontaine: Body Paint + Webcam = Fun!

rae fontaine

Last night was my first time going live for practically 4 months. It started off pretty slow, but once some old acquaintances began dropping into my chat room it became quite the party! The one thing that is really resonating with me is how we started off talking about Dungeons & Dragons, but then somehow shifted gears and had a naughty sex chat. It’s funny how those things happen right? Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mind at all!

Leaving My Webcam on While Sleeping

Since it was starting to get late and I was still online, I actually dozed off on stream for a little bit. When I woke up I saw that I had 56 people watching my cam! That’s kind of awkward, but it was exciting to wake up to that. Afterward, I went off to bed and had the most amazing dream about painting, which actually gave me a great idea for my next live stream. What if I played with body paint on webcam?

It could be so much fun! For example, people who are talking in my chat room could tell me what to write on myself.

Guess this means I’ll be stopping by the store this afternoon to pick up some painting supplies.

-Rae Fontaine

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Hannah Hunt: Sex Chatting on Skype

hannah hunt

In the past, when I’ve met guys online we always end up adding each other on Skype. If we have some chemistry, then it usually results in turning on our webcams on and sex chatting 1-on-1 together.

On WhoaGirls it’s slightly different

Since I already have my own chat room where I can talk to guys, it becomes a lot easier to hop into a private room with someone and go from there. In fact, it’s actually quite nice to have such easy access to doing cam shows. Being able to have conversations at such a high abundance really allows me to fulfill my sexual urges.

-Hannah Hunt

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Harlowe West: New Sexy Photos Tonight

Harlowe West

Tonight I’ll be doing a photo shoot where I’m the main attraction.

My goal is to get a handful of new sexy pictures to put up on my WhoaGirls profile that can be easily shared with the chat room visitors. It feels great knowing that followers are obsessing over my body. In my opinion, sharing some steamy pictures with everyone is one of the best ways to do that!

To prepare for the shoot I purchased some new lingerie and revealing clothing to wear in the photos. Furthermore, they’re being professionally done so there’ll be great lighting that shows off my radiant skin and smooth curves.

Surprises In Store

I do have small a surprise for my fans right now as well! I may have taken one or two sexy selfies already prior to the photo shoot. They’re nothing professional, but maybe you’ll like the amateur touch they have. I’m giving a sneak preview on this blog post, and you can feel free to comment and relay some suggestions for poses, etc.

I’ll let everyone know when the professional pictures are up on my WhoaGirls profile. I promise to get them on there as soon as possible, but it might take a few days before the studio gets back to me.

-Harlowe West

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Lindsey Banks: It’s About That Time of the Year!

lindsey banks

Every broadcaster on WhoaGirls gets hyped for October because it’s when Flirt of the Year begins. And let me tell you, I’m especially excited to get started!

Stoked for Halloween

That’s not the only thing I’m excited for in October. At the end of the month are both Halloween and my birthday celebration! For the entire last week of October, I’ll be doing special events and themed streams. In fact, each day I’ll be dressing up in a new, sexy outfit. You’ll see me in a skimpy witch costume, dressed up as a Playboy bunny, and even in my authentic birthday suit!

Multiple Mini-Raffles

For the entire month, I’ll also be doing a mini-raffle every time I get online, which is about 5 times per week. The winners of these mini-raffles will get access to peek into my live sex shows for free. Better yet, you can hold onto your winnings and decide when you want to peek into shows as you please.

I want to give a quick thank you to everyone who is following me on WhoaGirls! Be sure to tune into my live streams for other little rewards I give out during cam sessions.

-Lindsey Banks

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Tiffani: My First Day on WhoaGirls!


Today I’m going to share the story of how I discovered WhoaGirls.

At first, I didn’t know what to think of it. I liked sex chatting and watching the live cams, but I wasn’t sure if I personally wanted to get on cam. Aside from the stigma of doing sex shows, I wasn’t even sure if people would want to watch mine at all. Furthermore, at the time I wasn’t aware of how much you had to get online to begin building a fan-base.

I eventually setup a chat room and tried getting on cam

Initially, it was pretty nerve-wracking having people watch me. However, I was pleasantly surprised after seeing that everyone who visited my room turned out to be quite friendly and sweet. Everyone helped me learn so much about video chatting, which made it a really fun experience. I loved how you guys told me so much about yourselves in private chat.

It went so well that I went shopping and bought some cute, new clothes that I want to show everyone in the next live stream!

I’m looking forward to getting on cam again tomorrow!


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Brooke Bayliss: My Top 8 Loves & Likes!

Brooke Bayliss

Hello, my fans! I wanted to write a blog post to tell everyone about my top 8 favorite things about sex chatting on WhoaGirls.

4 of My Loves:

  1. I love it when you kiss me on my lips, neck, tummy, and legs. Tease me during conversations more often!
  2. I love when you tell me about your favorite sex positions.
  3. I love just talking to people. Tons of new people stop by my room whenever I’m online.
  4. I love doing multi-shows! It’s really exciting when I’m able to video chat with everyone at once.

4 of My Likes:

  1. I like it when you massage my shoulders. When you tell me about the way you want to touch me it makes my whole body tingle.
  2. I like how much everyone makes me laugh all the time. Whenever I load up my chat room you guys always have me in stitches.
  3. I like when you tell me your name. Whenever someone tells me their real name it makes me feel like they’re opening up.
  4. I like when my fans message me. That’s what really keeps me going. When my beloved fans send me kind words over private messages it makes me feel warm inside.

There you go!

Hugs and kisses,

-Brooke Bayliss

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Katrina English: Music

Katrina English

Music is so wonderful. Don’t you agree?

I love all kinds of music. Pop, metal, rap, you name it! However, today I’m feeling a bit down so I’m listening to some sad music. My friend told me she liked “Country and Western” music, then she laughed and said she also likes “Emo” music.

Some of my favorite sounds are the rumbles of deep bass beats, accompanied by violins and backup vocals. Electronic sounds added in there doesn’t hurt either.

What can I say? I enjoy it!

It gets me so pumped up and makes me want to head out to tackle the world.

For the record, my favorite bands right now are darker and more digital ones. Even though they sound dark they can still be enjoyable. In fact, I’m still able to dance anytime I hear a dark song come on.

Anyways, that’s enough music ranting. Talk to you later!

-Katrina English

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