Sasha Pinnk: My Coffee Date

sasha pinnk

It was a cool spring morning when he called me on my cell phone to ask me out for coffee. I was surprised to hear from him because I didn’t think he was interested at all when we ran into each other the last Friday.

I obliged and said, “Of course! I’d love to go out to coffee with you.”

Later that day when he came to pick me up I made sure to be looking my cutest for him. I had put on a sexy white sweater with some yoga pants that hugged my curves elegantly. Making sure to get his reaction when he got here, I gave a small wave and cute smile. It was obvious that he liked my outfit a lot.

After Having the Coffee

The way he grabbed my hand as he walked me to the car was surprising, but nonetheless, I loved it. I was even more surprised when he grabbed me by the hips and gave a passionate kiss. It’s as if he knew what I’d been wanting all afternoon.

Looking forward to the next date we have, but right now I’m sitting by my phone hoping he’ll text me!

-Sasha Pinnk

Amethyst Rocks: Rain, Hot Chocolate, and Camming

amethyst rocks

Today’s weather has been crazy! All day it’s been thunderstorming, which is surprising because it almost never rains where I live. It’s also pretty cold so I decided to make my hands down favorite drink in the world: Hot Chocolate! With my steaming, hot cup and laptop, I snuggled up next to the fireplace to do a sex show on WhoaGirls.

Getting on Cam

After getting online it wasn’t long before all the regulars were joining my room to see what the special occasion was. I casually talked to everyone for about 30 minutes, but then it came time to do a sex show for all the lucky viewers. Since today’s weather conditions put me in such a horny mood, it wasn’t long before half my clothes were off!

Thanks for joining me today everyone!

-Amethyst Rocks

Summer Wren: It’s Raffle Month!

summer wren

Hello to my Fan Club and Followers! This blog post is a shout-out to you guys.

I want to say thank you because you have all been extremely supportive and empowering to me over the past week. I seriously appreciate every single tip you guys give me during my shows.

Non-stop raffles!

Let me remind you what I’m going to be doing for my Fan Club. First, I’m going to start holding raffles in my sex chat room during the entire month of October. Every single raffle will give you a chance to win a lifetime subscription to my Fan Club and a custom video made especially for you.

On October 31st during my Halloween party, I’ll be choosing 3 names who won raffles throughout the month to win a grand prize! You can earn entries to my raffles by simply sending small tips. Different tip amounts give different amounts of entries. You’ll be able to see the amounts posted in my room.

Thanks again guys! I’d be nothing without my fans and followers. #TeamSummer

-Summer Wren

Harlowe West: I Woke Up Frisky

harlowe west

Today I woke up very frisky. It’s actually pretty embarrassing to talk about, but I was just in the mood to be naughty on cam. I had my morning coffee (caramel macchiato, of course) and immediately logged into WhoaGirls to have an ‘adult’ chat.

There’s Nothing Else Like Doing Sex Shows

Nothing turns me on more than sex chatting with guys while they watch me on cam. Not only does it push my buttons, it also makes me feel empowered. The way that viewers tell me what they want to see just makes me go buck wild. Usually, I’m obliged to do whatever the room wants!

Come watch my next cam show tomorrow. I’ll probably be getting online again right when I wake up.

-Harlowe West

Beverly Foxy: Thinking About Role-Playing

beverly foxy

I recently discovered a new fetish that turns me on like nothing else: Roleplaying

Specifically, I imagine myself getting dressed up as an 18-year-old schoolgirl. Can you imagine what that would look like?

Would It Be Sexy?

If fans think that a schoolgirl roleplay would be sexy, then it’d be amazing to have an entire live sex show dedicated to it.

I can imagine it now…

“I need a teacher to give me detention.”

That way I would have to stay after school like the naughty girl I am.

“Are there any teachers out there that could punish me?”

Guys in the private chat room could roleplay live – right along with the show!

-Beverly Foxy

Taylor Lynne: I’ll get on Webcam Later Tonight

taylor lynne

Lots of exciting stuff has happened in my life since I last streamed and I can’t wait to fill everyone in. We’ll talk all about it during my next live cam show tonight. At the moment I’m updating my WhoaGirls profile so it’s completely up to date with new pictures and information.

Whipping out The “Love Device”

During the cam show, I’ll be using one of my favorite toys, or what I like it call it: The Love Device.

Earlier I went on a 7-mile bike ride and the other day I did 10 miles, so my legs and butt are looking really nice. Hopefully, you’ll agree when they’re shown off on webcam later.

It’s going to be a night to remember. See you soon!

-Taylor Lynne

Luna Verlonen: My Perfect Day

luna verlonen

Today somebody asked me what my “perfect day” would be. Well, this got me thinking, and I realized that I’m a pretty easy-going gal. I appreciate the little things, like heating up some dinner and watching a movie on Netflix. Pretty much no one can spoil that because it’s the average day!

Don’t Aim Too High

If you have realistic expectations for what your perfect day is, then every day can be that day. You can even mix it up with little activities like going swimming, taking a walk, or getting on WhoaGirls to sex chat.

Always stay optimistic and try to take pleasure in the little things.

-Luna Verlonen

Beverly Foxy: Snowflakes!

beverly foxy

Last night I had a dream where I went out and played in the snow.

It’s funny because it was just summer a few weeks ago and I’m not even used to the fall yet. Despite the seasons changing, it’s still warm where I live. In fact, the weather is still hitting over 80 degrees every single day.

I Stuck My Tongue out to Catch Snowflakes

It was like I was a kid again, hanging out with my best friend Susie. We would always go sledding in the winter together and surfing in the summer. I didn’t live near a beach at the time, so we’d have to beg our parent to drive us. I miss those times. They were simple.

-Beverly Foxy

Rae Fontaine: Body Paint + Webcam = Fun!

rae fontaine

Last night was my first time going live for practically 4 months. It started off pretty slow, but once some old acquaintances began dropping into my chat room it became quite the party! The one thing that is really resonating with me is how we started off talking about Dungeons & Dragons, but then somehow shifted gears and had a naughty sex chat. It’s funny how those things happen right? Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mind at all!

Leaving My Webcam on While Sleeping

Since it was starting to get late and I was still online, I actually dozed off on stream for a little bit. When I woke up I saw that I had 56 people watching my cam! That’s kind of awkward, but it was exciting to wake up to that. Afterward, I went off to bed and had the most amazing dream about painting, which actually gave me a great idea for my next live stream. What if I played with body paint on webcam?

It could be so much fun! For example, people who are talking in my chat room could tell me what to write on myself.

Guess this means I’ll be stopping by the store this afternoon to pick up some painting supplies.

-Rae Fontaine

Hannah Hunt: Sex Chatting on Skype

hannah hunt

In the past, when I’ve met guys online we always end up adding each other on Skype. If we have some chemistry, then it usually results in turning on our webcams on and sex chatting 1-on-1 together.

On WhoaGirls it’s slightly different

Since I already have my own chat room where I can talk to guys, it becomes a lot easier to hop into a private room with someone and go from there. In fact, it’s actually quite nice to have such easy access to doing cam shows. Being able to have conversations at such a high abundance really allows me to fulfill my sexual urges.

-Hannah Hunt