Summer Wren

Announcement! It’s a bit short notice…

But I’ve decided to do a surprise ‘Oil Rub Down Show’ tonight!

If you’ve hung out in my video chat room in the past week, then you’ve probably heard discussion for this special sex show. Take note, there were no official plans, nor any info sent out to followers until now.

What’s the Plan?

Sexy Body

Since it’s so spur-of-the-moment, this show will stay exclusive to the dedicated fans!

Here’s a quick breakdown for it:

  • We’ll start it off with a Q&A in my chat room and have a casual conversation.
  • Eventually, when everyone is all warmed up and ready, we’ll bust out the oil!
  • Next, I’ll lather down every inch of my sexy body with that shiny goodness.
  • Lastly, we’ll have the grand finale, which is a secret for now!

Leave a comment if you’re excited!

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-Summer Wren

Chat With Girls

Summer Wren

Recently, there have been dozens of guests in my sex chat room asking about the “Summer Wren Fan Club!”

Let’s do a quick rundown of advantages for joining my coveted inner circle.

Here’s a preview of Fan Club benefits:

  • Extra Selfies
  • Sexy Videos
  • Stripteases
  • Alluring Photos
  • and my personal Snapchat!

Not to mention, you also receive undying gratitude and special attention from yours truly!

Free Fan Club Access

Fan Club

For a taste of Fan Club action, I’m handing out free monthly subscriptions for a limited time!

Any visitor that sends my sex cam a vote for Flirt of the Month qualifies. My goal is to reach the top 5 performers.

But I’ll only be able to achieve that if my followers show their support! Ask in the public chat rooms if you need instructions.

Non-Stop Raffles!

Private Sex Video

In addition to the benefits above, members can participate in exclusive raffles during cam sessions. Every grand prize winner gains a free yearly subscription to the Fan Club, and a private sex video made for you!

Earn entries to the raffles by sending tips during live shows. In addition, higher amounts receive more entries – which is only fair!

Thank you for the support, everyone! My community would be nothing without the fans and followers. #TeamSummer

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-Summer Wren

Chat With Girls

Harlowe West

Soon we’ll do a photo shoot where I’m the main attraction.

The goal is to take a handful of new sexy pictures!

That way, everyone who visits the chat room can easily browse them. It’s a strangely sensual feeling knowing that men are obsessing over my body, and sharing steamy pictures is one of the best ways to get more reactions.

Photos will feature new, revealing lingerie that’ll make your eyes buzz with excitement! – Furthermore, they’re being professionally taken, so expect great lighting that shows off my radiant skin and smooth curves.

Stay Tuned!

Leave a message in my WhoaGirls inbox for picture suggestions, such as poses or angles. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on messages during the photo shoot.

Everyone should know when they’re posted since we’ll non-stop talk about it on the next live stream!

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-Harlowe West

Chat With Girls

Lindsey Banks

Every week this month my cam shows will feature a new sexy cosplay.

Here’s a few of the naughty outfits:

  1. Skimpy witch, complete with a broomstick
  2. Playboy bunny and some fishnet leggings
  3. And a party-themed birthday suit with pasties on the nipples

The final costume is up to the viewers! Visit the live stream to send suggestions and vote on outfits.

Multiple Raffles

Multiple Raffles

During performances, I’ll also do raffles every time I get online. Winners of these receive a voucher for a free sex show, which can be redeemed after a 1-month wait period. My goal is to have more people to stick around in the chat room and become long-term fans.

Thank you to everyone who follows me on WhoaGirls!

Remember to tune into my live cam to see the upcoming cosplay streams!

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-Lindsey Banks

Chat With Girls

Miss Nicci

When a guy flirts with me, it’s not uncommon that I’ll reject him.

But that almost never stops them, which is actually what I truly want.

Men can’t resist my puppy dog eyes, or maybe the rejection naturally increases their urges. Regardless, this puts me in a position of power where I can utilize these womanly curves to bring them throbbing on their knees.

One glance at my body and they’re usually drooling with lust, so guys should feel lucky if I do give attention.

Teasing Makes Me Horny

I call the above scenario “The Tease,” which has become a signature move.

It’s a sexy, dominant fantasy that frequently plays out in both real-life and during private cam shows.

But there’s a secret I’m keeping…

Whenever I show rejection, it actually makes my entire body quiver with horniness. Similarly, lovers in the bedroom that show submission turn me on more than anything. Are you a dominant or submissive lover?

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-Miss Nicci

Chat With Girls

Raevyn Lush

Occasionally, I’ll get a new sex toy to use on cam. This time I was gifted a stainless steel dildo from my wishlist!

Within 2 days it arrived, and it’s a good thing that wasn’t longer because my body is throbbing with anticipation. The toy has a glimmering, jeweled base and a shaft that’ll probably feel amazing to slide in and out.

I honestly can’t wait to try it during the next live sex show!

Upcoming Multi-Show

Sex Toy

The plan is to perform in the public video chat rooms so both members and guests can watch. After enough fans are around to enter a multi-show, we can all have some fun in private!

Hopefully, everyone enjoys the erotic treat. When people gift new sex toys, I’ll always make events like this happen since it’s one of my favorite types of live shows!

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-Raevyn Lush

Chat With Girls

Arnella Duvale

The man’s powerful stature firmly held the group’s focus.

“He is magnificent,” I thought to myself while gazing upon him.

Longing to feel those hands caress my body, I approved his business proposal with the hope of connecting at a later date. The thought of seeing this guy again was sexually thrilling, so I planned to dress suggestively during the next conference.

Outfit ideas:

  • Sexy tight jeans that make my butt look great
  • No bra so he can see my nipples through the shirt
  • And a fancy necklace to draw attention to my chest

The Day Finally Came

Dirty Sex Acts

The man and his associates exceeded all expectations, which results in more casual conferences.

When he chuckled, those incredible blue eyes glimmered, consequently making me melt. Trying to maintain composure, I still daydreamed about dirty sex acts we could do together.

If only he knew what I was thinking!

After arriving home, I realized we left a few documents at his workplace. This made me uneasy, so I quickly returned to the office to obtain them. It was late on a Friday, and when I showed up almost everyone had left. Luckily, an assistant escorted me inside where I was welcomed by…

You guessed it, the same guy I’d been crushing on.

Afterward, the assistant was dismissed for the weekend, leaving us totally alone together.

Focusing On Each Other

Erotic Staring

He said, “Exactly, how can I help you?”

Biting my lip, I erotically stared into his eyes, then mentioned the forgotten documents. After retrieving them, the two of us went for drinks at a local bar. That’s where we started to chat and ended up in an engaging conversation.

Without sharing too many sensual details, this alone time went well and might’ve even begun something amazing.

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-Arnella Duvale

Chat With Girls

Bella Sun

For the future, I’ll designate specific times that cam shows begin. My aim is to start on weekday evenings and continue for at least several hours. That way, all the faithful viewers are ready as soon as I go live.

It’s so erotic knowing that real fans watch my sex shows, which is why I try to captivate as many guys as possible!

Feel free to discuss anything kinky in the chat room – I want to experiment with all kinds of fetishes.

Weekend Travel Plans

Over the weekend I’m going to the coastline in Southern California.

What I’m looking forward to is:

  • Covering my booty in sand
  • Running along the coast topless
  • And skinny dipping in the sea!

Take note, my sex shows will resume by Monday evening.

So Much to Do in SoCal!

Sensual Cams

I’ll make a travel schedule because we don’t want any time wasted.

Main priorities for the trip include:

  • Cruisin’ with the windows down
  • Oiling up with suntan lotion
  • Playing volleyball in a skimpy bikini!

I’ll definitely have to look around at the sex shops too. Maybe get a few erotic souvenirs to use for fans!

Let’s make tonights cam session an extra sensual experience since I’ll be out of town for the weekend.

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-Bella Sun

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