Summer Wren: Oil Rub Down Show!

Summer Wren

Announcement! It’s a bit short notice, but I’ve decided to do an impromptu Oil Rub Down Show tonight!

If you’ve hung out in my video chat room at all in the past week, then you’ve probably heard me discussing this special sex show with viewers. However, I hadn’t made any sort of official plans or tweeted anything out to my followers until now.

So What’s the Plan?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ll be doing:

  • We’ll start off the show with a Q&A in my chat room and just have a casual conversation.
  • Eventually, when everyone is all warmed up and ready we’ll bust out the oil.
  • Next, I’ll be lathering down every inch of my sexy body with that shiny goodness.
  • And last, we’ll have the grand finale, which is staying a secret for now!

Leave a comment if you can’t wait for the show. See you soon!

-Summer Wren

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Taylor Lynne: I Was on a Podcast

taylor lynne

Earlier this week I was on a podcast discussing my live webcam career. Needless to say, it was super exciting!

We talked about my sex chat room on WhoaGirls briefly and how it’s a huge source of income. The tips that fans and followers give me are beyond generous, especially since it’s not required to send tips for free sex shows. Anyways, it’d be cool if some of those listeners from the podcast would come check out my chat room. Who knows, maybe some of them are reading this right now!

This Week’s Schedule

This week I’m planning to be online a bunch – probably around 40+ hours. So if you randomly decide to check out my room, then it’s likely I’ll be live on cam when you do! Not to mention, when I do get online I always make sure to tweet it out so everyone who’s following my Twitter won’t miss it.

I was considering doing some exclusive free shows for my Fan Club members this week. Make sure to get a membership to the Fan Club so you won’t miss out on those!

The last thing I’ll mention is my birthday that’s coming up on January 17th. If you’d like to send a gift, then check out my wishlist, which is posted on my profile.

-Taylor Lynne

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Summer Wren: About My Fan Club

summer wren

Lately, there’s been dozens of guests in my sex chat room asking about the official Summer Wren Fan Club! Since there’s so much interest, let’s do a quick rundown of the benefits of joining that coveted inner circle.

Here’s a preview of the content I exclusively share with the Fan Club:

  • Extra Selfies
  • Sexy Videos
  • Striptease Videos
  • Sexy Photos
  • My Snapchat where I send out daily pictures

Not to mention, you’ll receive my undying gratitude and a ton of special attention from yours truly!

Free Fan Club Access

If you want a taste of the Fan Club without actually joining it, then I’ve got some good news for you! For a limited time, you’ll receive one week of Free Fan Club access for sending my sex cam your Flirt of the Month vote. I’ll be notified after receiving the vote, and you’ll gain access to the club after the live stream.

My goal is to get top 5 in this month’s F.O.T.M. vote, but I’ll only be able to reach that if my followers send their support! Ask in the public chat rooms if you need instructions on how to vote because other online users will likely provide directions.

-Summer Wren

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Jazmine Jezebel: My Experience So Far

Jazmine Jezebel

When I first decided to start video sex chatting, my roommate said that I wouldn’t like it. Well, I’m proud to say that they were dead wrong because my experience so far on WhoaGirls has been nothing but positive. Surprisingly, a few of the guys I’ve talked to on here have even mentioned that I’m a natural at it!

A Passion For Modeling

Admittedly, I love taking sexy pictures of myself so it makes sense that I’m not very camera-shy when doing live sex shows. Showing off my body is my passion, no matter if it’s fitness modeling or stripping on cam!

Some viewers have enjoyed it so much that they’ve sent gifts from my Amazon wishlist. My favorite thing someone gifted was a new sex toy that I can use on cam. That’s going to be a whole lot of fun when it gets here! (wink)

Receiving gifts has been the most flattering thing people have done for me thus far. At first, this whole sex cam thing was only to fulfill my own erotic urges, but you could definitely say that meeting men on here has awakened a sugar daddy fetish I never knew I had!

-Jazmine Jezebel

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Annabelle Hunt: My Chat Room Today

annabelle hunt

It makes me feel special when guys come into my video chat room and tell me how sexy I look. Some girls might think it’s creepy, but I love the attention and just soak it up like a sponge.

Before I got on cam today, my friend (who also gets on WhoaGirls) gave me a few pointers and taught me a more about how to use the site. You know, all the features etc. That helped a ton and made everything more clear.

Kinky Lingerie and Sex Toys

Thanks to everyone who popped into my room to say hi. It’s a lot of fun sex chatting with guys who take me into private.

By next week I’ll go shopping and buy some new sexy outfits. My goal is to have a large enough wardrobe so that I can wear different kinky lingerie for every day of the week. Maybe I’ll even look into getting some new sex toys too!

-Annabelle Hunt

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Cadence Rae: I Adore My High Heels

cadence rae

I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my collection of high heels. They make me feel dominant, powerful, and sexy all at the same time. Especially since I tower above men when I wear them. I’m already pretty tall, so I just completely dwarf a lot of guys when I slip on heels.

About My High Heel Collection

I have these pink ones that I wear almost every Friday night. If you’re a frequent viewer, then you might have seen them on cam a few times. Additionally, I show this pair off whenever someone gives my legs or feet a compliment.

The only thing I don’t like about wearing heels is that they make my feet hurt. I’ve been wearing them since I was a teenager so I’m pretty conditioned, but after a couple of hours, my toes feel like they’re going to fall off.

Come by my room and ask to see them if you want!

-Cadence Rae

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Jazmine Jezebel: Achieved My Goal

Jazmine Jezebel

Today I achieved my personal goal of getting on WhoaGirls every single day of the week!

About a month ago is when I wanted to become more active with live streaming, so I decided to start getting online every day. After maybe 4 full sessions is when distractions began taking their toll and I skipped a few days.

Growing My Chat Room

It’s totally understandable that random things may come up, but I really want to stick to a schedule. Honestly, it’s because my following on WhoaGirls will most likely grow the most with a consistent stream.

Tomorrow I’ll Be Taking the Day off to Relax

The first half of the day will be spent grocery shopping, then chilling out and watching some Netflix. That’s perfect because after tomorrow you can count on me to hop right back into regular cam shows, and we’ll have plenty more to talk about! (Movies n’ such)

Sexy Pictures on the Way

The second half of my day off is what I’m looking forward to the most. The evening is going to be spent trying on sexy outfits and snapping some hot pictures for fans. You can expect about a dozen new photos uploaded to my profile and even more to my Fan Club.

-Jazmine Jezebel

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Annabelle Hunt: My Second Day Online

annabelle hunt

Hey, everyone! Just got done with my second day of live shows on WhoaGirls and I couldn’t be happier.

When first logging on I was incredibly horny so I had some erotic sex chats with a few sweet gentlemen (3 to be exact), and things got pretty steamy with each of them.

Eventually, it evolved into a live sex show where I did my best to please all 3 of them on webcam. The fact that the gentlemen were all so hot made it even better! Overall, it was extremely kinky and fulfilled all those sexual urges completely.

My Cam Schedule

Tomorrow evening is the next date to get online on my cam schedule. Maybe we can get even steamier this time!

-Annabelle Hunt

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Summer Wren: My Webcam Anniversary

summer wren

For those who haven’t tuned into my live stream lately, we’ve been constantly talking about an important event coming up.

It’s making me practically overcome with excitement because this month is my official Webcam Anniversary!

That’s right, the anniversary of when my video chat room first began, and we’re coming up on the third year now.

What Should We Do to Celebrate?

Here are a few events I’ve thought about doing so far:

  • Raffles
  • 24 Hour Live Stream
  • Free private sex chatting with a few lucky fan club members

What do you guys think?

Leave a comment on this blog post and provide suggestions, or simply give a holler in the chat room.

-Summer Wren

P.S. Don’t forget to tune in because we’ll be having cake and blowing out candles!

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