Hazel Beam: The Top 5 Traits I Find Sexy in a Man

Hazel Beam

Recently I’ve been talking with people in my chat room about what I find attractive in a man. This got me thinking and I decided to make an official list about what turns me on so I can really elaborate on each point.

Here are the top 5 traits I find the most sexy in men:

  1. Sense of humor. If you can make me laugh, then I’m probably going to like you.
  2. Intelligence. I love having meaningful and deep conversations with a significant other.
  3. Creativity. I find all kinds of creativity sexy, whether it’s art or even impulsive acts of randomness.
  4. Being laid-back. Being able to forget about the world and live in the moment is one of the most desirable traits I have in a man.
  5. Generosity. Whether it’s lending a helping hand or taking a girlfriend out shopping, I find generosity to be incredibly sexy.

Looking forward to talking about this more during my next live sex show!

-Hazel Beam

Jaida Diamond: Filling Out My Profile

Jaida Diamond

I just started getting on WhoaGirls last week and I’m really starting to get into it. Almost every day I login to mingle and sex chat with guys who message me.

Yesterday someone I was chatting with brought up that my profile is pretty blank and that I should fill it out. That’s when it occurred to me that I only have 1 or 2 pictures on there, so at this at this very moment I’m putting on makeup and getting dressed up in my sexiest clothes to do my own personal photo shoot. My goal is to upload at least 5 attractive pictures of myself so that my fans have something to catch their eye when they visit my profile.

Additionally, I’m writing up some information to publish on my profile, such as, What I like, My Fantasies, and Role-Play Scenarios that I want to try. My fingers are crossed that sometime soon a gentleman will see what I wrote about my fantasies and initiate a sexy conversation with me.

-Jaida Diamond

Brooklyn Michele: I Need More Toys!

Brooklyn Michele

Hey, I’m Brooklyn (or Brooke, you can call me whatever you want!) and I’m new on WhoaGirls. Well actually, I’m new if you count a month of going live new. That’s pretty new in comparison to some of the veteran girls on here!

Anyways, I’m 18 years old and I’m in my freshman year of college. I’ve been getting on here to sex chat pretty much whenever my roommate is out and about. The guys I meet on here have been keeping me coming back for more fun whenever I can, but I have to make sure I have total privacy or else I’m going to be super anxious. I can’t have anyone interrupting me in the middle of a live sex show!

In other news, I’m seriously lacking some toys that I can play with on cam. I’ve had this one for about a year and over the past month I’ve gotten pretty bored of it. If any of my fans want to do me a solid, you can check out my Amazon wishlist – I added a few toys that I would love to try out!

You can gift me one of your choice and I’ll make you a nice little 1-on-1 video showing my appreciation. Not to mention, I’ll probably end up fantasizing about you whenever I use it.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I might even do a second live sex show tonight if I get in the mood. Talking about toys is getting me really worked up, so that might actually happen!

-Brooklyn Michele

Holly & Tara: Building Up a Fanbase!

Holly Tara

Hey, Holly and Tara here!

We wanted to update everyone on what’s been going on with us recently and what we’ve been up to. If you follow us on Twitter or tune into our livestreams, then you probably are much more up to date with our activities since we’re pretty vocal on there. Also, we try to keep a pretty tight schedule when it comes to WhoaGirls because we don’t like missing out on our live sex shows just as much you do!

Anyways, as many of you already know, we’ve been traveling together over the winter. We always make sure to have a good internet connection so we can still stream, and we always share selfies on Twitter from the places we visit. It feels so great whenever we get Likes and Retweets on those!

On another note, we’ve been considering moving over the summer and we’ve started to look for a place that will take pets. There’s still quite a bit of time to look so we’re not really in a rush. Having a lot of time to look around will give us the opportunity to find a few cool places to live and then compare them all.

Regarding our livestreams on WhoaGirls, we’re happy to see that we’ve been building up a nice little fanbase. It always puts a smile on our faces to see a bunch of regulars tuning in every time we get online. The way our viewers anticipate us going live makes us feel special whenever we do sex shows.

That’s all for now. Go check out our profile to see our cam schedule and make sure you stop by the next time we’re online!

-Holly & Tara

Cllarisse Jones: Afraid to Get on Cam Until Recently

Cllarisse Jones

Over the past year I’ve been contemplating getting on cam, but I have always been too nervous and just downright afraid to. I had some pretty good reasons for not wanting to start my own webcam chat room on here, but I worked through them and came up with a justifiable answer for each. I ended up finally deciding to bite the bullet and get on webcam.

Here are some of the main reasons that were holding me back:

  1. Am I cute enough? There are so many incredibly attractive girls on here that I couldn’t possibly stack up to them. I decided to just let my viewers decide on that.
  2. What would people think of me? Well first off, on WhoaGirls I get to be totally anonymous behind my username, and second, I decided to simply not care what people think of me. Why should that be a reason to hold me back from what I want to do?
  3. Would anyone even come into my chat room? This thought was proven wrong very quickly. After going live my room quickly shot up into a top 20 slot on WhoaGirls. People seemed to like my personality and I ended up chatting all night!

I think just doing it was a great decision, and you can trust me when I say you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me!

-Cllarisse Jones

Laperle: I Can’t Believe “He” Came back!


This evening I turned on my webcam and went live just like it was any other day on WhoaGirls. Everything was going at its normal pace; new people were popping into my chat room and I had a few regulars in there I was talking to.

Then about an hour into my stream… He came into my chat.

I’m not going to say exactly who it was, but “He” was someone who had taken me into a private chat about 2 months ago. We talked for hours and it seemed like love at first sight. He spoiled me the entire time, giving me tip after tip during the private session.

He Disappeared

After that night he disappeared and never came into my chat room again. I don’t know what happened. I thought that maybe he didn’t have a good time with me? He also could’ve just been busy with work. I don’t know what he does for a living, but I assumed it has to be something important since he spoiled me so much.

That’s when it happened

Anyways, after he popped into my chat this evening I immediately recognized who it was. I said “Hi” to him and he said “Hello” back. We talked for a bit in my public chat room, and after some small talk, he promised we’d have another session soon where we could chat in private.

Needless to say, I’m super excited and looking forward to it!


Stella Liberty: Sex Chat Fantasy

Stella Liberty

Hello people of WhoaGirls! I’ve been wanting to make some content for my fans on here, and I thought ya’ll might like a little sex chat fantasy with me.

So here it is. When reading try to place yourself in the situation. I want you to imagine you’re with me:

Place your hands on my hips. Seriously, do it. I’m giving you my permission.

Alright, now slide your hands a little lower… Good. Pull me close to you and hold me tight. I want to feel safe in your arms.

Now whisper in my ear what you want to do with me. Don’t be afraid, tell me your every fantasy.

Take me to the couch so we can relax. Let me rub your back and you can talk to me more. I really want you to open up to me.

Aroused yet? Let’s continue this live in my chat room. I’ll be on tonight at around 8pm, then we can have some fun in private.

Skylar & Harley: Getting Back on Cam

skylar and harley

Its been a while since Harley and I have gotten on WhoaGirls. I think its almost been 2 months? I’m not quite sure. I think it says the exact date I was last online on my profile.

Anyways, so Harley and I have been talking about doing another live sex show on here. We go to town on each other at least once a week, so why not do it on here? We agreed that it definitely increases the kinkiness of the whole act. Also, we were hoping some nice people might actually give us a tip or two if they like what they see. So basically it’d be a win-win for us (and a win for you too if you like watching us).

I have a dirty little secret and I want to come clean on this blog post. Whenever I’m feeling naughty, but don’t want to commit to anything major (like an hour of sex), I go look at my past broadcasts to see myself getting hammered on cam. Let me tell you, that always gets me aroused no matter what kind of mood I’m in.

If you want, you can go watch my previous shows on WhoaGirls too – they’re on my profile.

Sophie Shea: I’m new! Here’s a rundown about me.

sophie shea

Hey, Sophie here!

I’m new to WhoaGirls (I’ve only done two streams so far) and I love the site already.

I wanted to write this blog post to give everyone a quick rundown about myself. For even more, you can check out my WhoaGirls profile to learn more about me and to browse my past broadcasts.

Here we go:

So my name is Sophie Shea and I like dancing, cooking, the outdoors, and cuddling up next to the fire. Oh and did I mention I adore gummy bears (hint hint). I love to please people in whatever way I can, whether that be cooking someone cookies/brownies or even something more on the seductive side (wink). Was that direct enough? Maybe if you stopped by my sex chat room I could show you firsthand what I’m talking about (WINK WINK, get the hint? LOL).

I’m a pretty crazy person, but I’m not out of my mind (lol). I just like to think I’m maybe a tad goofy or silly. In fact, that’s probably one of the first things you’ll notice if you stop by my chat room here on WhoaGirls. Chances are I’ll probably be joking around and talking to the people in my room.

That’s all for now. If you want to chat with me, then come check me out when I go live. You can see my schedule on my profile, but it’s a loose schedule so I’m not always right on time.

-Sophie Shea

Zane Flowers: I want to make new friends!

Zane Flowers

I was going to write more about myself for my profile on here, but I decided to do a blog post instead so I could really elaborate.

If I had to describe myself I’d say I’m a pretty easygoing gal who occasionally gets kind of lonely. This is because I prefer to stay inside most of the time and surf the web, which is how I came across WhoaGirls in the first place. In fact, when I found it, it only took me about an hour before I decided to sign up and start my own sex chat room. After setting everything up and going live, it wasn’t long before I was chatting with some nice people who entered my room.

So feel free to come chat with me! I want to really dive into the community and make a bunch of new friends on here.

Just in case I haven’t sparked your interest enough, here’s a random fact about myself:

I love to be tickled.

Yeah, I know it’s weird. I’m actually super ticklish too, but it gives me this rush of excitement and makes me feel helpless at the same time. Two of my favorite feelings.

Now come tell me a random fact about yourself!

-Zane Flowers