Mya Yume: Sexy Questionnaire!

Mya Yume

Have you ever met someone and wondered what they were like in the bedroom? When I’m sex chatting with viewers, they get to learn all about me and what I like. Sometimes, I wanna know what you guys like! I think you could help me out. Take this sexy questionnaire and find out if you like to dominate (dom) or be submissive (sub).

1. Do you like being on top or bottom more?
(Answers: Top/Dom — Bottom/Sub)

2. Do you ever take it from behind?
(Answers: No/Dom — Yes/Sub)

3. Do you like it when you get handcuffed and left vulnerable?
(Answers: No/Dom — Yes/Sub)

4. Which do you like more: getting it rough or giving it rough?
(Answers: Give/Dom — Get/Sub)

Alright! Hopefully, you answered those questions as truthfully as possible! Time to check and see if you’re more of a top or bottom! If at least three out of four of your answers were “Dom”, then you like being in control! If at least three out of four of your answers were “Sub”, then you like giving in to your partner! If you were more on the fence (two of each answer), that means you like taking turns and are a real kinkster!

Why not stop by my room on your way out and sex chat with me? I’d love to hear more about what you like. See you soon!

-Mya Yume

Lindsey Banks: My Kind of Man!

Lindsey Banks

A conversation topic that I get a lot while doing live shows is what kind of man I like. What a tough question! Well, if I had to choose I could give you at least five different types of men that always impress me.

You might be surprised at the variety:

1. The Fashionable: Everyone knows being clean is the first step to talking to any woman. A man who’s clean and also well dressed starts way ahead of the competition. It shows me he cares enough about his appearance to put a good foot forward. You know what they say, first impressions are everything, especially to a cam girl!

2. The Intellectual: This one might come as surprise to a lot of you but women enjoy men who can hold a conversation and not just small talk. It can be a total drag when the man you’re talking to just can’t compete when it comes to things like politics, social issues, expressing yourself and so on. When an intellectual comes into my chat room, he’s better at keeping my attention; if you hold my attention for long enough…I’ll leave that to your imagination.

3. The Athlete: Being an athlete requires a lot of dedication, hard work and talent. It doesn’t hurt that most athletes also have really nice bodies! If I see that a man puts in the time and effort to pursue sports, I know he’ll put the time and effort into pursuing and taking care of me. Women are all about the chase!

4. The Gamer: Mainstream video games are becoming more and more popular these days! With it, you get the gamer type. While sometimes gamers can be awkward, a lot of them are really smart and pay attention to detail. I love sex chatting with a man who pays attention to detail (uh, me!). Did I mention gamers are really good with their hands?

5. The Romantic: We can’t forget the romantic. Those who pay attention to chivalric code and treat me like a true lady are total heartthrobs. I’m talking candlelit dinners and flowers. Women are sensitive creatures! Show me your tender side and relate to me on an emotional level. You’ll probably have more fun flirting with me that way!

Wow! Who even knew there were that many kinds of guys out there? It’s always fun when I run into them while doing my live shows. Each one brings a different perspective to the table which makes for a fun night. What about you? I wanna hear more about your life. Come sex chat with me the next time I’m on cam!

See you soon!

-Lindsey Banks

Adalyn Alexis: Keep It Kinky!

Adalyn Alexis

Whenever I get on WhoaGirls, viewers in my chat room frequently ask questions about kinks I enjoy. It’s always fun to hear about the creative ways people get kinky in the bedroom and I’m no exception! Of course, if you know what I like, then you’re going to have more fun flirting with me, so why don’t I help you out?

These are a few different kinks that I personally find sexy:

  1. Dominate me. I love it when a man can take charge of a situation. If he has the confidence to take control in the bedroom while still being considerate of what we both find pleasurable, I know he’s a winner outside of the bedroom as well. This means showing me who’s boss while still remembering I’m a lady.
  2. Blindfolds. This one is a classic. It’s really attractive when a lover is comfortable enough to let it just happen. It really turns me on when we can take turns being blindfolded because it adds to the anticipation factor. The tingle of every little touch is just amazing when I can simply relax and enjoy your hands.
  3. Foodie! A man who knows how to use his tongue is a keeper in my book. What better way to get involved than with food? Drizzle a little chocolate syrup. Spray some whip cream. We can have fun exploring the way we taste as human dessert, mm.

Alright, we made it! Three different kinks I enjoy. You know what all of these have in common? Open-minded people who aren’t afraid to be different to have a good time. Sex chatting with those who can relate to me on this level is always a little juicier than just plain vanilla, get it? (ha!) Don’t worry, I still love all the viewers who visit my chat room.

Come tell me about your kink the next time I’m on webcam!

-Adalyn Alexis

Luna Johnson: Sculpt Your Body!

Luna Johnson

The other evening I was sex chatting with some regulars in my room when the topic of fitness came up. We joked around about body image, but I couldn’t help but think about how it applied to me. As a woman, a lot of emphasis is put on the way we look; having a nice chest, a nice butt, or a cute face. All of these are important. However, most of the time you either got it or you don’t. That’s why I workout.

You can work hard to sculpt the body of your dreams.

One thing that’s always attractive is being in shape. It tells people a lot about the way you see yourself and what your goals are.

For me personally, I care about my health and appearance. If I can sculpt myself to look sexy, I’m definitely going to do it! It’s empowering to improve my image from my own hard work and dedication, especially when the WhoaGirls community immediately notices.

It feels great when I get compliments about my improving appearance: Wow, you’ve been working out haven’t you? Been doing squats lately? Your core looks strong! Looking sexier and sexier!

I gobble this kind of attention right up because I know I deserve it! I feel great getting on cam knowing my viewers like my bod. It gives me the confidence to flirt with everyone and really let loose in my chat room.

I hope I’ve inspired you! Why not stop by and chat with me for a bit? I’d love to hear what you think.

-Luna Johnson

Beauty Belle: I’ll Be Your Goddess

Beauty Belle

Run your hands slowly around my body, taking care to touch every soft spot with the gentle trickle of your fingers. I want shivers sent down my spine as you play with my hair and caress my neck. Show me how much you care and how much you want me.

Let me feel sexy in your arms. I want to be worshiped and treated right.

Here’s a little trivia for everyone:

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, lust, and beauty. I bet you didn’t know that!

Being as fabulous as Aphrodite takes some work though!

Here are a few of the key ingredients.

  • First and foremost, being considerate is the most important thing! I like to make sure to pay close attention to each and every one of my followers and hope that in return, everyone is polite and nice to me. When I feel respected, I’m more comfortable doing live sex shows which is a win-win for everyone.
  • Next, you can expect me to tease and play hard to get because that’s where all the fun is at! I love building up the tension with my viewers until we’re both ready to pop and flirt all night long. Visit my sex chat room to experience this tension firsthand.
  • Last but not least, a goddess has to be sensual. I like to let my body do what feels right, especially on webcam! It turns me on to know people are watching, and when the night is over I want you to leave my chat room satisfied.

So there you have it! Being a goddess is more than just looking the part. I hope to see you in my room the next time I go live because I definitely want you there for the full experience!

-Beauty Belle

Nikki Maddison: 3 Sexy Kinds of Adults I’ve Met!

Nikki Maddison

All my life I’ve enjoyed travelling. It’s exciting – filled with adventure, new places, and faces. I noticed that what made travelling fun wasn’t the place I went to but the people I met.

Being on WhoaGirls is like travelling; I get to meet all sorts of people every day!

Speaking of WhoaGirls, I was laying on my bed after a session on webcam when I finally realized: there are three different types of people that I really remember and fantasize about.

1. The Steamy Mystery: he’s a total voyeur, watching me more than anyone else but saying the least. Anytime he speaks, my heart flutters in anticipation of what he’ll say. He calls me beautiful but then disappears, back to watching, leaving me wondering what he’s thinking.

2. Little Miss Sunshine: full of life and chatty gossip, she brightens my day without fail. She always makes me smile, and I love her for that. If we could just lay in my bed and talk all day, that’d be the best!

3. The Smooth Operator: this kind of visitor steals my heart every time. He’s full of grace and poise, treating me politely. By the time I notice how charming he is, it’s too late. He has my full attention. It makes me want to do a private show.

And there you have it!

Three sexy kinds of adults that I’ve met!

Now, if you want more, I’m gonna have to politely ask you to follow me back to my chat room so we can have more fun!

See you on cam!

-Nikki Maddison

Blake Parker: 3 Reasons Men with Goals are Sexy

Blake Parker

Every day when I get on webcam I have one goal: to make my fans happy.

I want to give everyone a good show and put my viewers in a cheerful mood. In fact, I personally find men who have goals very attractive. It’s a quality that makes them stand out from other guys.

Here are 3 reasons why I find men with goals sexy:

1. Passion. I love seeing people who care strongly about what they do. Men who are passionate will go the extra mile, both in their careers and love life. As a cam girl, I’m an expert on passion and when I see it in someone else, I can’t help but get turned on!

2. The Future. Dreams don’t come true overnight! When I see that a man is planning for the future, it reassures me that he’ll be able to take care of me.

3. Empathy. Someone with a goal can understand and respect my goals. When the man I’m talking to understands what I care about, I feel more willing to open up to him. I know he’ll sincerely listen to me and even help me reach my goals.

That’s all for now!

I’ll be getting on cam tomorrow night and I have a huge surprise to show everyone.

And if you’re waiting in my room when I go live….

Then you’ll be the first to see!

Much Love & see you tomorrow night!

-Blake Parker

Summer Wren: What I do when I’m not on cam

Summer Wren

Lately, I’ve been getting on WhoaGirls and sex chatting like it’s a full-time job. I’m talking over 40+ hours a week, and it definitely seems like I’m beginning to build up a big fanbase. (Thanks everyone, I love you all!)

Quite a few people have been asking me about my life and what I do when I’m not on cam. So I’m writing this blog post to share with you guys what I do when I’m not on WhoaGirls.

My life isn’t actually all that exciting outside of getting on cam. Other than taking care of the essentials like bubble baths and sleep, I like to spend my time stuffing my face with food because doing live sex shows all day really works up an appetite!

You can probably find me watching shows on Netflix and Hulu for entertainment, or talking to friends and my closest fans on Skype. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I hit the gym 3 or 4 times per week to stay in shape.

To be honest, the reason I stream so often is because I truly love hanging out on here. In fact, my cheeks always end of hurting because I’m constantly smiling and laughing the entire time I’m online!

-Summer Wren

Jessica Jacklyn: Confidence is Attractive

Jessica Jacklyn

Confidence is attractive – and that goes for both males and females.

Whenever a guy approaches me with confidence I’m always inclined to hear what he has to say. However, when someone looks like they have insecurity basically tattooed across their face, it’s only natural to brush them off.

Men, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever considered a girl a prude, but have never actually made any advances towards being physical or sexual with them?

On the other hand, ladies, have you ever been attracted to a guy, but have shied away from touching them or even giving any hints towards your feelings?

To put it simply…

To have a thriving sex life you need to be confident.

I challenge you to approach me the next time I’m live on WhoaGirls and confidently tell me exactly what you want. By dominantly putting me into that submissive position during a sex chat session, you’ll make me obedient to your every fantasy.

-Jessica Jacklyn

Aja Murano: My Dream Guy

Aja Murano

Let’s fantasize about what the perfect guy would look like and what his personality could be.

You could simplify the “looks” part to Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Pretty much what most girls might want.

Qualities of My Perfect Man

There are many more factors I would take into account with my dream guy other than something as shallow as being good-looking.

Here are a few of those factors:

  • Sensitivity. I would want my dream guy to be sensitive towards my emotions and what I might be feeling.
  • Honesty. This one is simple since those who lie immediately go on my list of unfavorable people. Honesty is highly valued, and I always commend my partners for it.
  • Passion. I love listening to people talk about things they are passionate towards. For example, men who are passionate about their careers are almost always successful and excellent at what they do. There’s just something about passion that makes me melt.
  • Kinky in bed. Sometimes I can get pretty kinky in the sack, and I would want my dream guy to satisfy every sexual fantasy I have.
  • Having a way with words. I like to flirt, which is why I get on WhoaGirls to sex chat with guys. If you can bring me to climax just by having a way with words, then that takes flirting to a whole new level.

And there’s more where that came from!

If you want to know more about what makes up my dream guy, then come talk in my sex chat room the next time I get online.

-Aja Murano