Brooklyn Michele: I Need More Toys!

Brooklyn Michele

The people I meet on WhoaGirls keeps me coming back for more whenever I can, but there’s one problem.

Since I have a roommate, we have to make sure there’s total privacy. This usually involves waiting for them to leave the apartment before getting on webcam. It’d be an embarrassing disaster if anyone interrupted me during the middle of a live sex show!

Sex Toy Collection

In other news, there’s a serious lack of sex toys in my collection that I can play with on cam. If any fans out there want to do me a solid, you can check out the Amazon wishlist on my profile. It’s a decent sized list of new toys that I’d love to try out!

Gift me one and I’ll make you a 1-on-1 solo-sex video showing my appreciation with it. Not to mention, I’ll probably end up fantasizing about you whenever I use it!

-Brooklyn Michele

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