Arnella Duvale: He Is Magnificent

Arnella Duvale

“He is magnificent.”

That’s exactly what I thought as I looked at his powerful stature, which firmly held the group’s focus.

I longed to feel his hands caress my body…

I went ahead and approved the business proposal, just to get a chance to be near him once more at a later date. The thought of seeing him again thrilled me and I planned to dress nicely for our next conference. I decided to wear a push-up bra that I had recently purchased, black pants that made my butt look great, and a sweater to show up appropriately and conservatively.

When The Day Finally Came

The conference exceeded my expectations. He and his associate were specialists, but at the same time, the tone of the conference was casual. When he chuckled, his incredibly blue eyes glimmered, which made me melt. I maintained my composure and reminded myself that he’s in our sales department, but I still believed there was a possibility he might ask me out.

After arriving at home I noticed I had left some documents at his workplace. This made me uneasy, so I returned to the office to obtain them. It was late on a Friday and when I showed up almost everyone had left. His assistant escorted me inside where I was welcomed with a warm handshake, then the assistant was dismissed for the weekend and strolled out the door, locking it.

I Held His Gaze When We Spoke

He asked, “Exactly, how can I help you?” That’s when we started chatting and ended up in an engaging conversation.

Staring into each other’s eyes made me want to talk for hours. So that night, we went out for drinks, which began something amazing.

I can guarantee we will be going out again, and I personally cannot wait for that day.

-Arnella Duvale

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