Arnella Duvale

The man’s powerful stature firmly held the group’s focus.

“He is magnificent,” I thought to myself while gazing upon him.

Longing to feel those hands caress my body, I approved his business proposal with the hope of connecting at a later date. The thought of seeing this guy again was sexually thrilling, so I planned to dress suggestively during the next conference.

Outfit ideas:

  • Sexy tight jeans that make my butt look great
  • No bra so he can see my nipples through the shirt
  • And a fancy necklace to draw attention to my chest

The Day Finally Came

Dirty Sex Acts

The man and his associates exceeded all expectations, which results in more casual conferences.

When he chuckled, those incredible blue eyes glimmered, consequently making me melt. Trying to maintain composure, I still daydreamed about dirty sex acts we could do together.

If only he knew what I was thinking!

After arriving home, I realized we left a few documents at his workplace. This made me uneasy, so I quickly returned to the office to obtain them. It was late on a Friday, and when I showed up almost everyone had left. Luckily, an assistant escorted me inside where I was welcomed by…

You guessed it, the same guy I’d been crushing on.

Afterward, the assistant was dismissed for the weekend, leaving us totally alone together.

Focusing On Each Other

Erotic Staring

He said, “Exactly, how can I help you?”

Biting my lip, I erotically stared into his eyes, then mentioned the forgotten documents. After retrieving them, the two of us went for drinks at a local bar. That’s where we started to chat and ended up in an engaging conversation.

Without sharing too many sensual details, this alone time went well and might’ve even begun something amazing.

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-Arnella Duvale

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