Amethyst Rocks: Rain, Hot Chocolate, and Camming

amethyst rocks

Today’s weather has been crazy! All day it’s been thunderstorming, which is surprising because it almost never rains where I live. It’s also pretty cold so I decided to make my hands down favorite drink in the world: Hot Chocolate! With my steaming, hot cup and laptop, I snuggled up next to the fireplace to do a sex show on WhoaGirls.

Getting on Cam

After getting online it wasn’t long before all the regulars were joining my room to see what the special occasion was. I casually talked to everyone for about 30 minutes, but then it came time to do a sex show for all the lucky viewers. Since today’s weather conditions put me in such a horny mood, it wasn’t long before half my clothes were off!

Thanks for joining me today everyone!

-Amethyst Rocks

Chat With Girls

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