Aja Murano

Let’s fantasize about what the ‘Perfect Guy’ might look like.

Well, that’s easy: Tall, Dark, and Handsome!

Pretty much what most girls may want. But I’m not that shallow.

Qualities of My Perfect Man

My ‘Prince Charming’ has a few more qualities in addition to having looks.

Kinky Girl

Here are those factors:

  1. Real Sensitivity

    I want a prince to be sensitive towards emotions or what I’m feeling.

  2. True Honesty

    Those who lie immediately go on a list of unfavorable people. Honesty is highly valued, and I always commend partners for it.

  3. Deep Passion

    I love listening to people talk about topics they are passionate towards. For example, men who are deeply into their careers are almost always excellent at what they do. There’s something about a drive for success that makes me horny.

  4. Kinky In Bed

    Sometimes I’m pretty kinky in the sack, and I’d want a dream guy to satisfy every sexual fantasy I have.

  5. A Way With Words

    I like to flirt, which is why I get on WhoaGirls to sex chat! If a man can bring me to climax by having a way with words, then that takes flirting to a whole new level.

If you’d like to further discuss what makes up a dreamy guy, then talk in my video chat room when I’m online.

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-Aja Murano

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