Adelaide Jameson: I want to Fulfill a Fantasy

Adelaide Jameson

Placing any sort of emotions or love aside, I’ve always wanted to get intimate with a female. In fact, I’m starting to feel like I need it badly!

Naturally, if I decided to do it, I’d probably meet someone online in my sex chat room. After getting acquainted, we’d eventually meet up in person. This might actually be the one place I’d feel comfortable meeting another female because my room on WhoaGirls feels like a safe place online to me.

The Type of Woman I’d Be Interested In

She would have to be charming, adorable, and have a terrific personality. People that have me chuckling behind my keyboard during conversations really make me melt!

For her specific traits I would ideally want:

  • Dark hair
  • Dark eyes
  • Tons of tattoos
  • and a sassy attitude!

In fact, that sounds a whole lot like my own style!

When we meet it’d be amazing if she was wearing baggy sweatpants and a cute, little t-shirt. Imagine if she also brought by muffins too! We would talk for a bit, or well she would, and I would merely pay attention to her.

I think the whole experience would be remarkable, and it would be great to make the fantasy come true someday.

-Adelaide Jameson

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