Mya Yume: Sexy Questionnaire!

Mya Yume

Have you ever met someone and wondered what they were like in the bedroom? When I’m sex chatting with viewers, they get to learn all about me and what I like. Sometimes, I wanna know what you guys like! I think you could help me out. Take this sexy questionnaire and find out if you like to dominate (dom) or be submissive (sub).

1. Do you like being on top or bottom more?
(Answers: Top/Dom — Bottom/Sub)

2. Do you ever take it from behind?
(Answers: No/Dom — Yes/Sub)

3. Do you like it when you get handcuffed and left vulnerable?
(Answers: No/Dom — Yes/Sub)

4. Which do you like more: getting it rough or giving it rough?
(Answers: Give/Dom — Get/Sub)

Alright! Hopefully, you answered those questions as truthfully as possible! Time to check and see if you’re more of a top or bottom! If at least three out of four of your answers were “Dom”, then you like being in control! If at least three out of four of your answers were “Sub”, then you like giving in to your partner! If you were more on the fence (two of each answer), that means you like taking turns and are a real kinkster!

Why not stop by my room on your way out and sex chat with me? I’d love to hear more about what you like. See you soon!

-Mya Yume

Lindsey Banks: My Kind of Man!

Lindsey Banks

A conversation topic that I get a lot while doing live shows is what kind of man I like. What a tough question! Well, if I had to choose I could give you at least five different types of men that always impress me.

You might be surprised at the variety:

1. The Fashionable: Everyone knows being clean is the first step to talking to any woman. A man who’s clean and also well dressed starts way ahead of the competition. It shows me he cares enough about his appearance to put a good foot forward. You know what they say, first impressions are everything, especially to a cam girl!

2. The Intellectual: This one might come as surprise to a lot of you but women enjoy men who can hold a conversation and not just small talk. It can be a total drag when the man you’re talking to just can’t compete when it comes to things like politics, social issues, expressing yourself and so on. When an intellectual comes into my chat room, he’s better at keeping my attention; if you hold my attention for long enough…I’ll leave that to your imagination.

3. The Athlete: Being an athlete requires a lot of dedication, hard work and talent. It doesn’t hurt that most athletes also have really nice bodies! If I see that a man puts in the time and effort to pursue sports, I know he’ll put the time and effort into pursuing and taking care of me. Women are all about the chase!

4. The Gamer: Mainstream video games are becoming more and more popular these days! With it, you get the gamer type. While sometimes gamers can be awkward, a lot of them are really smart and pay attention to detail. I love sex chatting with a man who pays attention to detail (uh, me!). Did I mention gamers are really good with their hands?

5. The Romantic: We can’t forget the romantic. Those who pay attention to chivalric code and treat me like a true lady are total heartthrobs. I’m talking candlelit dinners and flowers. Women are sensitive creatures! Show me your tender side and relate to me on an emotional level. You’ll probably have more fun flirting with me that way!

Wow! Who even knew there were that many kinds of guys out there? It’s always fun when I run into them while doing my live shows. Each one brings a different perspective to the table which makes for a fun night. What about you? I wanna hear more about your life. Come sex chat with me the next time I’m on cam!

See you soon!

-Lindsey Banks