Holly & Tara: Building Up a Fanbase!

Holly Tara

Holly and Tara here! We want to update everyone with what’s been going on recently behind the scenes. If you follow us on Twitter or tune into the live streams, then you’re probably much more up-to-date on daily activities.

As many already know, we’ve been traveling for the winter, but we always make sure to have a good internet connection so we can still chat online and do sex shows. You can find cute pictures from the places we visit in our Fan Club or Twitter. It actually feels so great whenever fans from WhoaGirls give us Likes and Retweets on those!

Our Own Community

We’re so happy to see that a fanbase for our live stream is beginning to grow. Whenever all the regulars tune in as we go live makes us feel like we’ve built up our own community! On a side note, we stay pretty strict to a streaming schedule since we hate to miss out on live sex shows as much as our fans do!

That’s all for now. Check our profile to see the stream schedule, and make sure to stop by when we’re online!

-Holly & Tara

Chat With Girls

Cllarisse Jones: Afraid to Get on Cam Until Recently

Cllarisse Jones

Over the past year, I’ve had the urge to video sex chat, but I’ve always been too nervous or just downright afraid to. It’s a lot less nerve-wracking when you’re anonymously talking over private messages since there isn’t any pressure on the way you look in the moment. In fact, there are many decent reasons for not wanting to have your own sex cam on here.

Admittedly, I ended up working through the confidence issues of being on cam because I finally did my own live show!

Taking the Leap to Do a Sex Show

Let’s talk about some of the mental hurdles that hold many girls back from getting on webcam.

Here are some of the main reasons that were holding me back:

  1. Was I cute enough? There are so many incredibly attractive women on WhoaGirls that I couldn’t possibly compare with them. The only thing I could do was let my viewers decide on that.
  2. What would people think of me? Well first off, in chat rooms I get to be almost completely anonymous behind a username. Second, the best thing to do was simply not care what others think. This shouldn’t be a reason holding me back from what I want to do!
  3. Would anyone even watch? This reason was quickly proven wrong. After going live my sex chat room quickly shot up into a top 20 slot on WhoaGirls. People seemed to like my personality, and I ended up talking all night!

Overall, just doing it was a great decision. Like many things in life, taking the leap to do things you fear provides the confidence to carry on. Trust that you’ll be seeing a lot more of my shows in the future!

-Cllarisse Jones

Chat With Girls